With Closeup, Get The Confidence To #MakeYourMove And Be #FreeToLove! ❤️

In a world where everyone is called to love, love still remains conditional. Society is quick to criticize anything that fails to follow the norm, leaving some people with no choice but to keep their love in hidden corners, away from the judging eyes of others.

Closeup’s Freedom of Attraction study revealed that 9 in 10 youths continue to wish for a world where they are free to love anyone that they are attracted to. Moreover, 53% are afraid of discrimination and judgment from others, which led 1 in 2 youths to hide their unconventional relationships and keep them a secret.

Closeup prides itself in its advocacy of giving people the confidence to get close and act on mutual attraction, thanks to long-lasting fresh breath and confidence. And with the second year of its #FreeToLove campaign, Closeup continuously empowers people to share their stories of love or be inspired by people who do so.

This year, Closeup encourages people to #MakeYourMove to get close and be #FreeToLove by seizing the moment – overcoming insecurities, self-doubt and fear of rejection or judgement. They recently released three short films featuring stories of how three couples overcame the barriers that hindered them from pursuing the one they love.

The first short film entitled “She’s Dating the Youngster” narrates the story of two officemates dealing with the criticism of relationships with a significant age gap.

P.S. I Love You, Bro” shows how two men defied their doubts and fear of judgement as they chose to make their move and strike a conversation with one another.

Lastly, “Ex Marks the Spot” tackles the internal battle of two exes who went their separate ways after their relationship was disapproved due to financial capability.

Pledge your support for this movement by sharing these films and posting your own #FreeToLove story!

closeup’s #FreeToLove campaign celebrates all kinds of love and encourages everyone to seize the moment and #MakeYourMove to get close. closeup is guaranteed to give you long-lasting fresh breath and confidence so you can freely muster the courage to get close to whomever you love.

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