Cocoon Wellness Pod Promises An Ideal And Multi-Function Wellness Experience

Metamorphosis. The process of transformation associated with an insect inside a cocoon, which later comes out as a stunning butterfly. The same transformation can happen to individuals too when they immerse themselves in the Cocoon Wellness Pod (or simply Cocoon), an ergonomically designed wellness machine.

Distributed by the Medical Aesthetic Division of Technolux Equipment and Supply Corporation, it combines thermal energy with an invigorating massage and aromatherapy for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Since the recent launch of Technoluxs venture into health and wellness, it has introduced new products and services to its portfolio, including this much sought after Cocoon.

The Cocoon delivers a range of benefits in health, beauty, and wellness. It is the ideal machine that will complete any gym, sports clinic, hospital, and other health, beauty, and wellness facility as it improves both the physical and mental performance, and even sleep, of those who use it. It also rids the body of excess water and toxins, aside from the slimming and relaxation effects.

The Cocoon promises an ideal and multi-function wellness experience. Designed for quality results, its cutting-edge technology operates on dry heat treatment system, the same experience one gets when stepping into a dry sauna; only, the Cocoon utilizes the more advanced mid- and infrared light. The dry heat from the pod accelerates heart rate; thus, fast-tracking blood circulation and speeding up metabolismallowing the body to sweat toxins and calories off. It also affords easy fitness, reduces cellulites and body fat, while shaping and firming up the skin.

The dry heating of the stationary body (or the so called active thermal exercise) can activate over 2 million sweat glands as the body seeks to cool itself. This easy fitness requires no strenuous exercise activity increases the body temperature, circulation and dilation of blood vessels. Cocoons patented concept of active thermal exercise is stationary, relaxing and achievable because sweating in itself triggers the natural removal of body toxins and healthy cardiovascular response.

When it comes to flexibility fitness, the Cocoon emits a range of motion exercises within the pod. It uses simultaneous heat and vibratory massage to promote flexibility and range of motion response equivalent to a regular stretching routine.

The machine is user-friendly. It has a color LCD Touch Screen display and comes as an ergonomic contour bed with a vibrating massage system. Completing the ultimate sauna experience, the Cocoon has a cooling facial fan, mood lights, and its own aromatherapy system inside the pod. It incorporates Himalayan salt crystals and jade stones which, according to ancient and modern medical practitioners all over the world, are considered as powerful healing factors with metaphysical properties to boost the immune system, heightens balance, tranquility, and overall wellness.

“From a single session that lasts for 30 minutes, users will experience profound relaxation and calmed breathing, and achieve rejuvenation of mind and body.
Most of our clients from the health and wellness industry prefer the Cocoon Wellness Pod because it is fully automated, requires no complex installation, plumbing, or configuration as it merely requires an electrical outlet,” says Norell Ortega, Vice-President of Technolux.

Furthermore, as the exclusive distributor of Cocoon, Technolux prides itself with an outstanding after-sales service for over 43 years.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is available at the Medical-Aesthetic showroom, located at the 5th floor of Technoluxs headquarters at 2176, Primo Rivera Street, La Paz, Makati City.

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