GCash Is A Mom Must-Have

Moms, the bearer of the toughest job on Earth, should be allowed to take little shortcuts from time to time without the guilt:

Learning that clever kitchen hack to get dinner on the table faster, using that outrageous contraption of a mop to clean the floor without breaking a sweat, and yes, taking care of the bills and shopping without enduring long lines and losing a fraction of that elusive “me time.”

GCash is a major must-have for every mom who doesn’t have the luxury of time. With its money transfer features, GCash will surely make life a tad easier.

A little online retail therapy with an easy payment option is a nice pick-me-up for tired moms. With GCash, shopping is hassle-free as payment gets credited securely and in real time. Plus, it can be done while doing the laundry or while putting your baby to sleep—it’s multi-tasking at its best.

If suddenly you’re running out of supplies in the pantry and grocery day is still a couple of days away, just go to your favorite shopping app and pay for the things you need using GCash wallet at check out.

The country’s best shopping apps, like Lazada and Zalora, honor GCash as a mode of payment and give occasional perks to those who use their mobile wallets.

Many Instagram and Facebook sellers have also turned to GCash to give their customers a more convenient payment option because GCash does not charge them convenience fees or transaction fees unlike in payment centers or banks.

Bills Payment
Paying monthly bills is also a breeze with GCash. With over 100 accredited merchants, you can pay most, if not all, of your billers with a few taps on your phone. Simply key in your account details to enroll, and you can ditch the long lines at payment centers.

If your mommy brain tends to forget things, including your regular arrears, GCash has a feature where you can set a reminder on upcoming due dates of your bills so you can pay them on time and save you from penalty charges.

Bank Transfers
Moving money between your GCash account and any bank account is straightforward—it can be done anywhere 24/7 with 40 banks for free. The entire transaction—from cashing in your GCash wallet to transferring money to another account—takes less than 10 minutes—a far cry from the hours lost in long queues at banks.

Ang Pao, GCash’s novelty feature, is generosity made easy. Don’t have time to get your sister a birthday gift? Send her a virtual Ang Pao instantly and securely. You can add a personal touch too by choosing a design and attaching a short message to it. The amount will be returned to your wallet if it is not claimed by the recipient within 72 hours.

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