In Celebration of Stranger Things’ Return On Netflix, Smart Signature Surprises EDSA Traffic Goers With An Epic Stunt – The First Ever Pyromusical Billboard!

Smart Signature, together with Netflix brought Stranger Things 3 to life with something ‘unearthly’ to turn traffic goers’ lives upside down with an epic entertainment along EDSA!

To celebrate the newest season of Stranger Things on Netflix, Smart Signature showcased a pyromusical billboard last July 4, in parallel to the fourth of July celebration in the hit series. Fans and passersby recorded and shared the fireworks display that heralded the pyromusical billboard. This is Smart Signature’s way to break the usual by bringing a reimagined traffic experience.


Last 4th of July, #SmartSignature… – Smart Communications, Inc.

Last 4th of July, #SmartSignature brought epic entertainment to EDSA with the first ever pyromusical billboard! That’s how you celebrate the premier of…

Travel back to the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana to find out what happened to Eleven, Will, Dustin and the gang as they take on a new monster festering in the town’s deepest corners. Start streaming Stranger Things’ third season on Netflix with the country’s fastest mobile network Smart Signature plans! Enjoy streaming all your favorite Netflix originals with an easy way to pay.

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