Make Your Breakfast Super Healthy With Quaker Oats

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for Filipinos, there’s nothing like your favorite ulam with an egg done your preferred way and of course, a steamy cup of white or garlic rice. But with the rising trend of wellness, we also have that need to look for a healthy, yet quick alternative to the staple meal that kick-starts our day. What if we told you, you can still enjoy your start with sardines, tapa or longganisa in a more nutritious way?

Quaker Oats introduces a new way to make your breakfast super, with their Oatsilog recipes! By filling up your first meal with Quaker Oats, you’ll get the nutrients you need to power through your day. A Super Grain, Quaker Oats contains fiber to help keep you full longer, protein to help give you energy, and beta-glucan to help lower cholesterol for your heart health. With all these, Quaker Oats prove to be a healthy and equally delicious alternative to your go-to cup of white rice.

Silog enthusiasts can easily switch out the traditional grain with a cup of oats and an egg or two to start their day, using these Oatsilog (get it – oats + itlog?) recipes. Beat one to two eggs with milk and oats, and add your favorite toppings – anything from sardines or corned beef, to chicken and mushroom. Whether you choose to prepare Quaker Oats in a pan, or to microwave them in a mug, you’re sure to get your meal in just a few minutes!

With these simple, delicious and nutritious Quaker Oats recipes, you can make your favorite Filipino breakfast super!

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