Maris Racal Achieves A Fresh And Natural Look With Careline Cosmetics

Are you ready to level up your makeup game and have more fun using different make up products and  colors?

Most teen-age girl agree they reach a point when they feel theyre ready to explore and expand their makeup repertoire. Often, this is a sign theyre ready for bigger challenges and opportunities. This is especially true for the 21-year-old actress and singer Maris Racal, was dubbed as the “Singing Sunshine of Davao” from Pinoy Big Brother. Maris shares shes at that point when shes ready to shift from being a strictly-lip-and-cheek-tint girl to a young lady whos more adventurous when it comes to colors and cosmetics.

These days, Maris, whos the newest face of Careline Cosmetics, the trendy and edgy cosmetics line of Ever Bilena for the Filipina youth, says she never leaves home without her essentials: Careline Oil Control Face Powder, Careline Oil Control Blush On, Careline Jelly Tint, and her go-to Careline Graphic-Ink Liner.

Often opting for natural makeup, Racal describes her usual look to be fresh and au naturale to highlight her morena skin tone. She adds, “I want to embrace my skin color so I usually go for darker shades of foundation and then contour. Parang nasa beach ka. They should be a little darker pero dapat mukhang natural.”

On days when the young actress feels a little more playful or mature, she goes for more adventurous colors like Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick In Bloom shade, or on special occasions she prefers looks that are no effort at all as she calls itbut really, it depends on my mood most of the time.

As Maris Racal joins the ever-growing Careline family, she stresses its importance to her showbiz career: “Endorsing a makeup brand, especially in my line of work, is really very important. Your appearance must always be camera-ready, Having Careline to support me in my career will really help me in my everyday routine, everyday work. So this is really a blessing.”

Being more adventurous in her makeup, her wardrobe and overall look is part of Maris decision to expand her horizons and be open to more opportunities. Her contract with Careline is simply the beginning. Im ready for  more challenges and bigger roles this year and Im grateful for all the blessings that have come my way.

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