Move Into The Milk Tea Mania With TGIFriday’s New Milktea Cheesecake

When youre done with your favorite entree and are ready to finish off your meal on a sweet note, move to another main event which is new on the menu: TGIFriday‘s creamy Milktea Cheesecake! It’s like having your milk tea and eating it too, so its doubly delicious!

Temptation sits on a buttery graham crust, layered with a smooth, velvety, and milky cheesecake, then topped with pearls for that chewy bite. Brown sugar syrup is then drizzled on top to achieve that much craved-for milk tea flavor.

Available in all TGIFriday’s branches, this sinfully sweet dessert is packed with big flavors. So if you are wondering how you could-cross order your favorite beverage and a piece of cake, this will be your ultimate, decadent dream team that melts in your mouth.

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