Need Your Fill of Movies? FOX+ Brings Them To Your Screen

Go on a canine adventure on an island full of dogs, feel pretty inside and out, and join in on the action. Here are the featured movies coming your way this month on FOX+.

Isle of Dogs

© 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Ever wonder what it would feel like to live in an island full of dogs? If you’re a dog-lover, it would be canine heaven. In a sudden and unexpected executive decree, the government has ordered that all dogs in his city be shipped away into a trash-filled island! This doesn’t sit well with the young hero Atari, since his beloved Spots will be taken away from him. In a bold move involving a rickety airplane and an almost-crash landing, Atari ventures into the garbage island in search of his loyal friend. Along the way, he meets canine companions and together they will begin an odyssey that will change all their lives forever. Isle of Dogs starts streaming April 21 on FOX+!


© 2017 Mandy Films, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Nothing is more perfect than a quiet and peaceful life. Red and Mandy live their lives just like that out in the forests of the Pacific Northwest in 1983. But sometimes quiet lives don’t last, and their peace will be invaded by a group of fanatic sadists hell-bent on destroying the life and the home that they have built together. Catch this intense and dramatic struggle as a man fights for his love and his home. The bloody battle will change their lives forever. Stream Mandy starting on April 29 on FOX+.

Super Troopers 2

© 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

The Vermont Highway Patrol are at it again. Watch as these highway officers get shipped out to provide the law and order to a French-Canadian border town. All hell hilariously breaks loose as they come at odds against the local Mounties, a suspicious drug-ring, and a sudden appearance of a thousand-pound bear right smack inside their office. Prepare for laugh-out-loud thrills and scenes in Super Troopers 2 coming out this 19th of April on FOX+.

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