Netflix Celebrates The Launch Of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ With An Epic Seven Super Rooms Experience

  • Popular personalities including Eric Tai, Andre Paras, Sanya Lopez, Benj Alves, Brent Manalo, Santino Rosales, and Aryanna Epperson, solved challenges to unlock the launch party.
  • You can be a part of the excitement on Saturday, February 16, at Shooting Gallery Studios, Red Studio (3317 Zapote, Makati City), from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY SUPERROOM EVENT (L-R): Eric Tai, Brent Manalo, Aryanna Epperson, Andre Paras, Benjamin Alves, Sanya Lopez, Santino Rosales. (Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Netflix celebrated the launch of its brand-new Original Series, The Umbrella Academy with an immersive super room experience that allowed fans to live like the show’s seven superhero siblings.

Powered by PLDT, Smart and LG, the Seven Super Rooms experience housed seven unique rooms, each themed after the lead characters from The Umbrella Academy, and featured fun and interactive elements from the show.

Just as the heroes of The Umbrella Academy need to work together to save the world, Netflix also gathered popular Pinoy personalities, including Eric Tai, Andre Paras, Sanya Lopez, Benjamin Alves, Brent Manalo, Santino Rosales, and Aryanna Epperson to solve the challenges in their assigned theme room. Fans and other guests supported these personalities via Instagram Live in real time. Other popular personalities like Khalil RamosErwan Heussaff, Chris Cantada, Richard Juan and Vince Velasco also joined the celebrations.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Fans can join in on the heroic excitement to save the world, take fun photos, and share their #TheUmbrellaAcademy experience with their barkadas.

Time and Location:

Shooting Gallery Studios, Red Studio (3317 Zapote, Makati City) on Saturday, February 16, from 10 am to 6 pm. Take it one step further, and come in a costume!

The Super Rooms:

It’s all about teamwork! Each of the seven Super Rooms are themed after the superhero siblings from The Umbrella Academy, which is now streaming on Netflix. Take a look at the rooms and the launch party below:

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Eric Tai for Luther/Number 1

TV host and rugby player Eric Tai took on the room of Luther, the leader of The Umbrella Academy. As he has spent most of his life in solitude on the moon, his room was themed as a space station, where everything is miniature sized to make you feel super big and super strong.

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Andre Paras for Diego/Number 2

True to his vigilante character, Diego’s Super Room was styled as a dark hero’s lair, complete with gadgets and weapons. To solve the puzzle, actor Andre Paras showed off his marksman skills, just like Diego!

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Sanya Lopez for Allison/Number 3

To unlock her room, actress Sanya Lopez channelled her inner pop star and flexed her music trivia (and singing!) skills in Allison’s room, whose power is to manipulate reality.

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Benjamin Alves for Klaus/Number 4

Like the eccentric and party-loving Klaus, actor and host Benj Alves solved his dive bar-themed room by concocting the perfect cocktail to die for. Klaus’ super power is his ability to talk to the dead.

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Brent Manalo for The Boy/Number 5

The Boy possesses unique time-traveling abilities, but somehow has managed to stay (and look) the same age. Model Brent Manalo took on The Boy’s nostalgic-themed room by beating video games from different eras.

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Santino Rosales for Ben/Number 6

Ben is super dead – no more spoilers here! Model Santino Rosales impressively unlocked Ben’s room by following instructions on a Ouija Board.

(Netflix/Magic Liwanag)

Aryanna Epperson for Vanya/Number 7

Social media personality and vlogger Aryanna Epperson solved the challenge in Vanya’s room by discovering the character’s ultimate source of power.

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