Practical Tips to Help You Save on Postcard Printing

Postcard printing is alive and here to stay in the age of apps and connected devices. A personalized postcard in the mail immediately gets somebody’s attention, unlike the nth Facebook or email notification on your phone.

Don’t believe us? A 2017 USPS Household Diary Study states that there is a higher response rate for direct mail postcard marketing compared to digital marketing channels. Another USPS study reports that 53%of households read their advertising mail. Further details on the effectiveness of direct mail postcards here. More people read the mail with their undivided attention in contrast to their mindless scrolling on social media.

So what do you need to get started on postcard printing? Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a coating that matches the intended appearance and overall goal of your message.

Your choice of coating will determine how well the postcard will stand out. If your design uses bright and vivid colors, a high gloss UV coating will make the hues instantly stand out. Colors appear extra vibrant and aren’t prone to fading. A gloss coating is slightly less shiny, but it would make your postcard’s colors pop out from afar. Matte is the best choice if your message needs to be elegant and stay easy on the eyes.

Note that high gloss UV and gloss coating can be difficult to write on. If you expect customers to write on both sides of the postcard, select the uncoated cardstock. It gives your postcard a textured, rustic look that works for organic or natural product promotions.

2. Create a good first impression with thicker cardstock.

A thicker cardstock is more likely to impress and last whether it’s handed out or mailed. Your recipients feel the difference as soon as they read and go through your business postcards. The 16 pt. cardstock is highly recommended for its sturdy weight, added thickness, and extra rigidity.

3. Send your postcards directly to potential and current customers.

If you intend to disseminate your postcard announcements to a certain area, you can deliver them through direct mail or EDDM®. A USPS postcard must be at least 3.5 inches high, a maximum of 4.25 inches in height, and 6 inches long.

EDDM® is cheaper compared to direct mail and the requirements are easier to comply with compared to direct mail. However, direct mail uses a more specific route while EDDM® covers a less targeted and more general area.

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