Teledirect Telecommerce: “Employees Stay When They Feel Valued”

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an industry that heavily relies on people to keep companies agile and competitive. But as much as human capital is highly regarded as an asset, acquiring high potential talent and retaining them is still a constant challenge among BPO firms.

From its offices to its culture and employee retention programs, everything at Teledirect is curated to create and maintain employee happiness

For premium boutique BPO company Teledirect Telecommerce, the value of earning employee loyalty is similar to customer loyalty. “If employees love the company, then they will be wired to truly care for its customers. Tapping into the power of empathy and compassion can develop a shared sense of what’s going on in and out of the organization. Employees are more mindful of new opportunities faster than competitors and they have the courage to risk on something new for the benefit of the company and those it services,” explains Teledirect Philippines People Director Vanessa Maningas during an interview.

When push comes to shove, what keeps employees is a well-compensated supportive culture, a sense of involvement, and career development. “Teledirect goes beyond these by taking in top talents that fit its corporate DNA which first and foremost cultivates a diverse and inclusive culture. We take pride of this as our blueprint to success,” says Vanessa.

Listening is an integral part of the leadership at Teledirect. Leaders ensure that their employees are heard, and take action for concerns raised

“Employees stay when they feel valued. Regardless of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we make it our business priority to create and maintain a feeling of belonging for everyone. We make sure each employee feels respected, accepted, are encouraged to participate, and are appreciated for who they are and for their unique perspectives,” she added.

Award-Winning Employee Engagement

For 23 years, the company has built its reputable presence across several countries in Asia and Europe based on an award-winning employee-centric leadership that has been recognized with over 180 regional and international awards, and the number keeps on growing.

Vanessa Faye Garcia, Head of Client Solutions, accepts HR Asia’s “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award on behalf of Teledirect Philippines

Recently, the BPO firm added another prestigious citation to its cache for demonstrating a high level of employee engagement. It joined 23 other noteworthy Philippine companies that were hailed “Best Companies to Work for in Asia”, conferred by HR Asia, Asia’s most authoritative publication for senior HR professionals with coverage in 12 markets across the region.

Teledirect’s programs and culture of commitment to employee satisfaction has resulted in a 90 percent approval rate among employees and an attrition rate of only 2-4 percent in 2018.

“For Teledirect, we define quality not just in the services that we efficiently deliver but equally in how genuine care in the workplace manifests. Otherwise, our standard for quality will not be authentic,” points out Wency Ann Guerrero, Learning, Engagement and Development Director. “Attrition usually happens when employees feel burned out, stressed, underpaid, and unrecognized. You can’t reach business goals if you’re constantly recruiting and training your workforce,” she further explained.

To continuously reinforce its growth vision for employees, the company incorporates its values and motivation programs under a unifying corporate principle called “Be Happier.”

Investing in Happiness

“Be Happier” aims to promote employee happiness day in and day out through Teledirect’s award-winning employee retention programs and routine-breaking activities.

At the forefront of the campaign is a competitive remuneration package of around 20 percent higher than other players in the industry based on third-party market intelligence reports, as well asperformance-driven incentives of about 30 percent from total monthly compensation.

Another differentiating factor at the company is its well-designed offices that resemble cozy and comfortable homes. It also has premium health benefits, regular learning festivals, recreational events, and personalized tokens to express appreciation.

“The concept only works if it’s real and the employees are showing us that they do feel happier at Teledirect,” noted Wency. “Happiness in the workplace also motivates people to take charge of their own development and we make sure that we train and coach them towards opportunities for growth,” she stressed.

To thrive in the fast-growing BPO landscape, Teledirect reminds that investing in employee happiness, ingraining genuine care, and openness to diversity and inclusion are continuous efforts that should be owned by everyone in the organization, starting from the top going down.

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