Unlock National Fried Chicken Weekend With Max’s Restaurant Exciting Promos



Here’s a special surprise to all the fried chicken lovers out there, Max’s Restaurant is calling all Filipinos nationwide to come together and unite to ignite a celebration like no other!

On July 6 to 7, buy 1 Regular Whole Fried Chicken for PHP435.00 and your second one is 50% off. To unlock these promos, simply share why you love Max’s Restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and use the hashtag #MaxsGetTogether.

Updates and progress to unlock National Fried Chicken Weekend will be announced on Max’s Restaurant’s official Facebook page. This exciting move is Max’s way to get Filipinos together and show what awaits people who unite for a common goal.

“We Filipinos are known for our fervor to unite when situations call for it,” observes Max’s Restaurant Chief Operating Officer Paolo Serrano. “Through coming together and celebrating National Fried Chicken Weekend, we are bringing out the best in Filipino and showing how our Sarap-To-The-Bones® Fried Chicken is best enjoyed when it becomes the centerpiece of all get-togethers.”

The race to unlock National Fried Chicken Weekend is now ongoing, so be sure to be part of this unique, mouthwatering, and definitely filling celebration with friends and families at your nearest Max’s Restaurant!

While enjoying your Max’s Fried Chicken, be sure to pair it with the new Max’s Chicken Lomi. With the rainy season finally here, this latest offering from Max’s Restaurant puts to fore one of the country’s culinary specialties with a twist, all for an affordable price of PHP160.00. This classic reinvented, comforting bowl of hot soup unlocks a flavorful take on the traditional lomi with no less than what Max’s has been known for—chicken.

Max’s own take of the traditional lomi will rekindle your love affair with this culinary treasure. The new Chicken Lomi brings together the sumptuous combination of chicken meat, chicken liver, and chicken balls all submerged in a thick broth that will give you the umami you are looking for. A variety of vegetables are also included, and as a treat, this thick egg noodle dish is topped with crispy chicken skin. The Chicken Lomi has the makings of another bestseller just like Max’s Fried Chicken, when you are craving for filling and comforting food to end a long day.

“We want to keep championing Filipinos locally and internationally,” adds Serrano. “And by introducing our own take of the well-loved lomi together with our Max’s Fried Chicken, we are bringing together all Filipinos from different walks of life and paying tribute to our rich heritage and cuisine.”

So, unite to unlock National Fried Chicken Weekend and taste the new Chicken Lomi. Savor an exciting and heartwarming dining experience with Every Kind of Family, Every Day to the Max!


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