Ang Lakbay ng 105 Million: Art in Transit

Walk through the Salcedo Underpass along Ayala Avenue and you’ll be transported into an artistic timeline. Gaze at some of the country’s most inspiring Filipinos throughout our history in a backdrop of the country’s iconic landscapes, all in one epic collage.

Artist Archie Geotina poses under his mural “Ang Lakbay ng 105 Milyon.”

Created by urban artist, Archie Geotina, “Ang Lakbay ng 105 Milyon” was opened to the public last February 14 by Federal Land Inc. and the Makati Central Estate Association (MACEA). The launch of the 2,000-square-foot mural coincides with this year’s National Arts Month.

For over 48 years, Federal Land has strived to develop properties that are both iconic and valuable to society. My late father, Group Chairman George Ty, always dreamt of building beautiful residences that people will be proud to call home,” said Federal Land chairman Alfred Ty. “More than that, my father was an art enthusiast and this endeavor is a way of sharing that enthusiasm with everyone.”

Makati commuters walk underneath the newly installed mural, “Ang Lakbay ng 105 Milyon”

The latest among artworks that adorn the underpasses lining Ayala Avenue, the black and white mural is a unique addition to Makati’s bustling tunnels.

The artwork, whose name refers to the country’s 105 million population, stretches across the ceiling of the entire Salcedo Underpass. An experiential exhibition, the mural is a composite of the Philippines’ best sites and unsung heroes laid out like a baroque image reminiscent of the style in the Sistine Chapel. The images were curated from the artist’s travels to heritage destinations like Kalinga, Siargao, and Lanao Del Sur.

The mural conveys how elements of Filipino history and culture bleed into each other. The timeline also reflects on our unique societal ecosystem, maintained by everyone’s willingness to work in harmony with each other and the environment.

With Filipinos faces featured prominently in the mural, the exhibit amplifies that the real beauty of the Philippines is the resilience of its people and asks passers-by to reflect on the stories behind every face they meet in public.

Ang Lakbay ng 105 Million – Art in Transit (From left to right) MACEA Chairman Arch. William V. Coscolluela; Makati Mayor Atty. Abby Binay; Federal Land, Inc. Chairman Alfred V. Ty; and mural artist Archie Geotina

Supplementing the mural are profiles of the country’s inspiring and noteworthy people like Jaime Rusillon, the Godfather of Philippine Surfing; Hijab Troopers, female soldiers in the Marawi siege, Kenneth Cobonpue, world famous furniture designer from Cebu, and more.

Ang Lakbay ng 105 Milyon displays the beauty and resilience of the Philippines and its people. It is a history lesson that walks spectators through the evolution of the country and the people who shaped and continue to shape it–the farmers and fishermen, the artists and the entrepreneurs, the young and the old.

We hope that with this piece of art, we inspire Filipinos to appreciate the people who are before us, behind us, and beside us, acknowledging their contribution to society because without one another nothing prospers,” says Ty.


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