Enjoy your favorite fried chicken in a new way with Pancake House’s new Pan Chicken Burger

As we ring-in the holidays amid current circumstances, we continue to embrace familiar experiences in a new way.

With this in mind, Pancake House reminds us that ‘tis the season to feel good again with the launch of its newest product, the Pan Chicken Burger. This new take on the classic Pan Chicken allows customers to indulge in a crowd favorite anytime, anywhere, and all-day.

Available in all Pancake House stores on November 02, starting at P185, the new product brings the familiar flavor of the juicy, tasty, and filling pan chicken fillet with the addition of cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle, and thousand island dressing on a toasted bun. Choose to enjoy the pan chicken fillet the way you want to, with flavor options ranging from classic, spicy mild to spicy hot.

For an additional P64, upgrading a Pan Chicken Burger into a meal comes with a generous serving of taco chips and cheese, topped off with a bottle of minute maid juice.

While our routines may have shifted, our desire for feel-good experiences remain unchanged. As the holidays are fast approaching, we hope this new offering further delights our customers, as they continue to enjoy our signature comfort in a new way,” shares Pancake House Senior Marketing Manager, Cherry Hernandez.

Grab this new offering in your nearest Pancake House store, or have this juicy burger delivered straight to your home or office.

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