Experience the deliciously pure and healthy taste of San Miguel Del Mar Tuna

Staying at home for the past few months has challenged many to become experimental in the kitchen, whipping up different recipes they can think of or following online trends.

While eating clean and healthy remains to be one of our top goals, as it signals how we choose to take care of our bodies, it also can seem like a challenge especially during these trying times. Some think of healthy food as lacking in taste or the ability to make us full, while others tend to choose more convenient food options, with the perception that nutritional meals require time, dedication, and ingredients with limited availability to prepare.

Luckily, San Miguel Foods, one of the leading food companies well-known in providing a diverse selection of food products defined by quality, taste, and safety, has now launched its newest offering perfect for those looking to make cleaner food choices, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna. The company’s first entry to the canned tuna category, San Miguel Del Mar stands out from other brands, as it is made from 100% pure tuna chunks, with no extenders and no preservatives.

Available in two variants, Chunks in Vegetable Oil and Chunks in Water, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna is rich in Omega 3, which helps prevent and manage heart disease, and protein, which is crucial for our bodies to grow, repair tissue, create essential hormones and enzymes, and support our immune systems. Packed with all its natural ingredients, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna also comes in an easy-open-can to make your meal prep and midday snacks healthier and equally delicious.

We’re really excited to bring San Miguel Del Mar to the market because it delivers delicious and quality, honest-to-goodness pure and meaty tuna chunks with no extenders and preservatives,” said Hasmine Du, AVP and Marketing Manager for San Miguel Foods.

To help you get started on exciting your palate in an easy and healthy way, San Miguel Del Mar partnered with three personalities known for creating their own simply delicious recipes: homecook and writer Steph Zubiri, and established Chef Ed Bugia and Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. Using San Miguel Del Mar Tuna, each of them created dishes to give everyone an effortlessly nutritious meal, no matter the time of the day.

Try it simply topped on your rice, or on adlai grains; in a no-fuss sandwich, or in a truffle mushroom crepe; straight from the can or as a rillette. With San Miguel Del Mar’s 100% pure authentic tuna, healthy eating is now uncomplicated and equally tasty.

San Miguel Del Mar Tuna is available in two variants, Chunks in Vegetable Oil and Chunks in Water, in all leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores, and is offered in an 185g easy-to-open can for only Php61 SRP. For more details, visit https://www.sanmiguelfoods.com/

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