#HereComesTheFried | Happy Valentine’s Day from KFC

2020 has been a roller coaster of emotions already. With couples getting together and breaking up—is there really a ‘forever’?  For KFC, there sure is. Presenting, the newlyweds: Original Recipe Chicken and Signature Gravy!

KFC put a finger lickin’ ring on it!

We vow to always pour unlimited love for our KFC Original Recipe Chicken and Signature Gravy.In buckets or in fully loaded mealsFor dine in or for take-outFrom hotline or online’Til supplies last#HereComesTheFriedKFC Original Recipe Chicken and Signature Gravy.Our Best Combo. Forever.Special thanks to our friends from Wishing Well Films and Designer Blooms for making our celebration finger lickin’ good.

Posted by KFC on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Right on time for Valentine’s Season, KFC released a Same Day Edit co-created with Wishing Well Films, one of Philippine’s top wedding videographers, and Designer Blooms, a well-renowned flower arrangement company. It’s your usual SDE, as it captures every little trope featuring KFC’s best chicken and gravy combo. From the dress-up segment to the walk down the aisle, every shot is framed like the real thing.
People fell in love with the chicken and gravy marriage, giving their blessings and best wishes to the newlyweds.We guess forever does exist, when you’re a match as perfect as KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken and Signature Gravy.If that doesn’t make you hungry for their best tasting combination, we don’t know what does.

Celebrate forever love with KFC’s Original Recipe and Signature Gravy at the nearest KFC store this Valentine season.

Visit KFC on Facebook to watch the beautiful ceremony unfold.

The Philippines KFC team worked with Ogilvy to make this big wedding happen.

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