Induction cookers are the ideal #QuaranCooking buddy. Here’s why

The series of quarantines helped people rediscover their kitchens and pushed them to brush up on their cooking and baking skills.

Time spent in the kitchen is a period away from screens—and it can be a therapy of sorts. So investing in a cooktop just makes sense. Whether cooking for yourself or your whole family, induction cookers are the way to go and here’s why:

Induction cookers make cooking even more enjoyable

With sleek styles and flush, modern tops, induction cookers make for IG-worthy top shots of your food as you simmer your stews, reduce your pasta sauce, or just let your adobo rest.

Induction hobs make for easy-breezy cleanup

More importantly, however, induction cooktops are a breeze to clean. Since the surface itself doesn’t heat up, spills and drippings don’t get baked on. You can easily wipe them off using a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of soap. Induction hobs also don’t have crevices and crannies where food particles can build up and clog. At the end of the day, quick and easy cleanup equals more time to indulge in the joys of cooking and savor your flavorful dishes.

Induction cookers help you save up on electricity

Induction cooktops like those from La Germania’s Futura Series are energy efficient. More than 80% of the energy that induction cookers generate is converted to heat which is used to cook your food. Less energy wasted to achieve and maintain your desired cooking temperature means lower electrical consumption. And this can go a long way to help you keep your electric bill in check.

Induction cookers are safer

Aside from taking an open flame out of your cooking equation, induction cookers use electromagnetic technology to heat the pan directly and not the hob surface. If there’s no pot or pan on the induction top, there’s no real danger of you or your hyperactive tot getting burned. Additionally, you’ll never have to experience that uneasy feeling that you might’ve left the gas on.

Induction cookers are hassle-free cooktops

Being energy efficient, induction cookers can heat up your food really quickly, so there’s less waiting around for your sinigang to simmer or your eggs to boil.

Induction cookers heat up your pan super fast. It actually heats up as fast as a gas or even faster sometimes,” explains restaurateur, professional chef, and La Germania brand ambassador Rolando Laudico.

Induction cookers are also as plug and play as it gets. You literally just plug and turn on. No more fussing about LPG tanks running empty in the middle of prepping dinner or your midnight ramyeon.

Induction cookers are for everyone
Typical induction cookers have touch-button temperature settings which gives you more control and precision with your cooking—something newbie cooks, online food business-owners, and seasoned professionals alike will appreciate.

Sheltering in place and just cooking for yourself? La Germania’s single-burner induction stove already has a 9-level heat setting that will allow you to cook up quickie meals or more experimental fare. Those cooking for their SO or families will do well with a 4-burner cooktop that also has a child lock function to boot; while those catering to the food cravings of a solid-sized customer base can opt for an induction hob that has a timer feature so overcooking or undercooking dishes can be a thing of the past. Whatever your lifestyle or need, there’s a La Germania induction cooker for you.

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