Struggles of lovers amid lockdown shown in ABS-CBN’s new “PILIkula” digital short film

The struggles of an engaged couple whose journey to forever is put on hold due to the lockdown will tug at the heartstrings of viewers as the digital short film “PILIkula” brings its newest offering “Wedding Dress: For Sale,” which will have an exclusive digital premiere on July 13 (Monday).

Get to know Lalaine and Paul, lovers who face an unfortunate predicament after their wedding is postponed caused by the quarantine restrictions. Spending almost all of their savings for their halted big day, Lalaine decides to sell her wedding dress so they can regain a portion of the money they spent for the wedding. However, Paul strongly disagrees with her plan and says they should save the dress once they finally push through with their wedding, which they do no longer have enough funds for.

Their opposing perspectives will test them and will give rise to more issues and drama, ultimately pushing them to question their love and contemplate about their relationship.

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