TANK B released his first single titled “Life”



A discovery from Tunog Bago sa Tunog Kalye, the collaboration of Ivory Music and Video and Wave 89.1, TANK B released his first single titled “Life”.

The upbeat song is about living the best life possible, with a purpose, and the hope to inspire others to live fully without regret, which came at that point in time when Tank B started as an artist.

He muses, “It’s about telling everyone how to live your life so well even w/o material things! It is also a message to seek your own identity, whether you’re an artist or not…basically just loving’ the life you have!

The Filipino gold medal-winning dance choreographer turned singer-songwriter is finally living up to his potential to share his musical gifts to the world. Tank Bautista’s transformation from world dance champion to recording artist took some time to happen. The Mandaluyong-based artist’s passion for dance and music has inspired him to create original content. His extensive experience as a dancer and a choreographer has given him energy and motivation to connect with artists worldwide. One of the artists he looks up to is Russ.

TANK B’s “Life” is now available in Spotify and other digital music stores:

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