The benefits of using the Ohmyhome app in your next housing journey

Most Filipinos think of property websites as convoluted web pages with messy interfaces, duplicate listings, and poorly written property headings and descriptions resulting in the stressful and disorganized processes they used to endure in traditional housing transactions.

That is, until Singapore-based proptech startup Ohmyhome entered the Philippines, now offering customers a real estate app that is convenient and easy to use along with the services of competent in-house real estate agents.

According to Ohmyhome’s founders Rhonda and Race Wong, their key difference from other property platforms is that they take care of client’s housing journeys from beginning to end. Their DIY option enables users to buy, sell, or rent a property on their own, while in-house agents available with just a click can help them with the rest of the transaction.

Since Ohmyhome’s launch in September, the app has been accepted tremendously well by Filipino users, as evidenced by its high application ratings and positive client feedback. Rhonda Wong, Ohmyhome Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, confirms this. “We are very happy that the Ohmyhome platform has been well-received by Filipino customers,” she shares.

Considering the volume of properties that has been listed on our app since our launch, we have barely received questions on how to use the interfaceand when we do, these are resolved quite swiftly. In fact, initial feedback has disclosed that users are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use the Ohmyhome app.”

Built with a design that is easy on the eyes and minimalist user interfaces, the Ohmyhome app and website prioritizes convenience for users. Ohmyhome Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Race Wong explains its best features: “The apps property listings includes useful information such as availability of public transportation, dining and shopping options, proximity to hospitals or wellness clinics, and the like.”

Rhonda and Race explain the rationale behind the Ohmyhome apps intuitive interface design: The platform enables users to immediately go and select an action tailored to their profileas buyers, sellers, tenants, or landlords. They can easily choose from the main options: Find a Home, to search for a listing, Post a Property, for users who would like to post a home for selling, or Get an Agent, to get assistance from an in-house agent. Users will also see a New Launch tab, where they can check out project pages from real estate partners.

We also give big importance to guiding users through the buying, selling, and renting processes. They can read through blogs that share tips and tricks on housing journeys, viewable in the platform.”

Meanwhile, in the website, users may choose from New Properties, where they can browse available listings; Resale Properties, which redirects them through a download link to users who post their properties; and Get an Agent for tapping in-house real estate agent assistance.

A chat option is also visible on both the app and website. One simply has to tap or click the chat button to get in touch with an Ohmyhome representative for when they need assistance with using the app or when they simply need to ask a question.

On top of all these, Ohmyhome continues to innovate on features that can make the housing experience even easier for Filipino customers. Race shares, “We recently added ShoutOuts to the Ohmyhome app. This feature allows users to post the type of property they seek, including the price range, location, and other relevant property details.”

She adds, “Ohmyhome is also working on improving the app and website interfaces to make the experience better for all types of usersbuyer, seller, tenant, or landlord.”

For all of the extraordinary advantages the app and website offer, Rhonda and Race Wong believe that their customers will best appreciate the hassle-free housing journey that Ohmyhome provides.

Without giving too much away, we are excited to say that Ohmyhome PH will soon offer more useful features. Just as weve done in Singapore and Malaysia, other property-related servicessuch as renovation and house painting, interior design, movers, mortgage advisory, and the likewill be rolled out in the future.”

Along with our in-house agents, these will affirm Ohmyhome’s status as a one-stop shop for all property transactors in 2021.

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