Victoria Beckham Beauty | Celebrating Posh with 9 Lipstick Shades

“Posh Lipstick is my most personal product yet. I’ve always felt a strong emotional connection to lipstick, and this collection personifies my journey to the woman I’ve become, celebrating every step along the way.” xVB

Posh is back!

Victoria Beckham is paying homage to her Posh Spice character in the form of a nine-piece lipstick collection, launched last October 3, priced at £34 each.

After the Spice Girls, I distanced myself from my nickname because it had unwavering momentum of its own. I wanted to find my own direction. Now, years later, I look back at that formative time with appreciation. Posh forever changed the course of my life, opening the door for me to go after my dreams,” Victoria posted on her Instagram account.

“This week, I celebrate Posh with the launch of Posh Lipstick. It is deeply personal – lipstick has always given me the confidence when I needed it and extra spice when I already had it. Each shade is inspired by a specific memory, and whilst the moments may have been my own, the energy and emotion is shared by us all,” she added.

According to Harper’s Bazzar, the new Posh Lipsticks are made with ingredients and sustainability in mind. The blend of natural waxes and oils (avocado, coconut, jojoba) are meant to smooth and plump lips, providing skincare benefits as well as opaque color. The range of nine shades will work on all skin tones, since they’re muted and classic—much like the lip colors seen on Posh Spice back in the day.

You can take the girl out of the 90s, just don’t take her lipstick. This is the perfect nude that Posh Spice was always searching for.

Pre-Posh, I was just terribly shy. But my mum always encouraged me to use my voice to be kind and courageous. I learned then that your voice is powerful, no matter your age or notoriety.

Mr. Valentino once told me that every woman should wear red lipstick. It’s bold and confident, and what is more beautiful than a woman who embodies those traits? I find it so chic to highlight something memorable and bright amongst more wearable neutrals.

Move to your own beat. Find your own path. Whenever the script calls for combat boots, I slip into stilettos.

I’ve made some rather bold fashion and beauty choices over the years. Some might call them risks—from spiky blonde hair to matching leather suits—but I’m not mad at them.

Let me tell you, love at first sight does exist. I fell in love with David’s smile first, but as I got to know him, I just found such comfort in the way he made me feel…like the best version of myself.

Just because it’s business, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As Spice Girls, we always dared to do the unexpected.

Posing—I consider it my greatest contribution to the Spice Girls. You’re welcome.

I take my fashion responsibility to not smile very seriously, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy every moment. I’m smiling on the inside.

Exclusively at or at her Flagship Store, Dover Street, London.

The Posh Look
The exclusive Victoria Beckham Posh is Back slogan tee—in celebration of Posh Lipstick—for a Posh approach to casual dressing.

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