Work from home items, you would need!

As you begin to work longer and build more experience, learning to focus in any surrounding is a valuable life skill, and it helps your career in the long run.

As we move along to the “new normal”, it’s important to choose a right spot in your home for your work-from-home setup. Creating your own working environment at home is your responsibility, often in a space quite unlike an office. Having this space where you can work without worrying and with proper tools to do your everyday task is essential for this kind of set-up. In preparing and doing these things, you need to be mentally and physically healthy.

Here are the items you can purchase to create your make-shift office:

1. Good computer for better performance to work
Suddenly, pages you have opened are ‘slowding’, but you have a lot of things to do and you’re crossing off tasks like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re in the market for a good demand, take into consideration the daily demands of your job. Good devices are found in Memo Express or Octagon.

2. Cork board with sticky-notes for creativity
Putting a cork board into your work-from-home setup gives you a fun and colorful alternative for scratchwork and brainstorming ideas that need space to think and construct. Writing outlines, to-do lists, and goals on sticky-notes can also help a lot for productivity. You can find these helpful things at the National Book Store.

3. Soft-light table lamp for your optic and mental health
Another asset of a happy and productive work environment is a simple soft-light table lamp. Its soft glow gives your work-from-home environment that warm, cozy, and comfortable feeling that can contribute to a mellow and less stressful home office. Abenson is a perfect place for you if you’re looking for that.

4. Quality speakers for productive tunes
Music can help us relax and get energized. It can also improve our work productivity. Having a good speaker in your home office allows you to fill your workspace with your favorite mood music and eliminate distractions to improve your focus. These good speakers are found in Robinsons Appliances.

5. Good book for the soul
To explain how to keep your surroundings organized to lessen stress, create more positive thinking, and increase productivity, reading books can be helpful—all of which are important when you work from home. Good books for the soul can be found in Fully Booked.

During this quarantine, you can purchase these items while protecting yourselves from possible bacterial transmission by using GCash Scan-To-Pay feature. It is a contactless cashless purchase without having to worry. Keep safe, everyone!

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