Why Multi-Faceted Mom Keri Zamora Sparkles Like MyDiamond

The incredibly stylish Keri Zamora is the epitome of a modern mom: goal-oriented, multi-faceted, yet in every way caring, doting, and hands-on. As we celebrate Mother’s day, Keri shares some practical advice for working moms on how to balance their time between career and family, while allowing breathing space to pursue personal hobbies and goals.…

Complete Your Health Routine With Cetaphil | What This Year’s #7DaysOfCetaphil Is All About

Cetaphil marks the first day of its anticipated event celebrating healthy and beautiful #MyCetaphilSkin. 7 Days of Cetaphil which happened yesterday in SM Makati highlights the three prongs of holistic health. Aside from the hottest discounts and promos for all Cetaphil products, skincare discussions and activities take place with a different topic for each day.