Old Vine Grille Serves Value-For-Money Dining, Great Steaks And Salads At A Very Affordable Price!

Got the privilege to attend a food event organized by Nana Nadal last September 12, 2011 at Eastwood Mall in Libis, Pasig City.

This is my 3rd time with her and so far, every food event she offers are all good – if not, sooo good.

We dine at Old Vine Grille with fellow foodies Nonoy and Ruth Floresca, John Michael Torres, Flow Galindez, Florencio Jusay, Omar Itay, Cher Cabula and Denise Ortiz Calnea around 7:00 PM. My first impression to their place is like I am going to eat at a fine dining restaurant. It’s cozy, spacey and it has good interior design.

For first timer like me, Old Vine Grille is a steakhouse. They open their first branch in Eastwood last February 2009, followed by its second branch at the Venice Piazza last November of the same year. They offer the best salad and steaks and some of their best sellers are “Tessie Tomas Salad” named after Filipino actress Tessie Tomas who was a good friend and regular customer of owners Mr. Larry Cortez and executive chef Mauro Arjona, Jr. The other one is “The Larry and Mau Steak and Barbecue” creations which were concocted by the two owners. And you can dine at a leisurely pace because the tea light keeps the steaks from getting cold.

The best thing about doing food tasting and food reviews is that you can try the best food in town. And Old Vine is just one of the best steakhouse I dined in. for our appetizer, we were served by their friendly waiters the famous “Tessie Tomas Salad” and “Pan-Fried Foie Grass Salad”.

Old Vine Grille - Tessie Tomas Salad

Tessie Tomas Salad is a combination of roasted prawns, marinated salon, and roasted shiitake mushrooms with mesclun salad in a creamy Balsamic dressing. A full serving can cost Php680 but you can order the single serving which is Pho350. It’s actually not bad because the single serving can actually be shared by 2-3 person already.

Old Vine Grille - Pan Fried Foie Grass Salad

Pan-Fried Foie Grass Salad is goat liver with raspberry honey sauce and apple ragout. This one is expensive which cost Php1,150 and P750. I don’t like liver but it doesn’t taste bad at all. But I am pretty sure some foodies love this one.

That night was like a feast because our table was overflowing (not really) with sumptuous meals. And here are some of the food served to us:

Old Vine Grille - Steak and Escargot

Steak and Escargot – US top blade steak seasoned with Cajun spices, topped with escargot bourguignon with au jus and potatoes worth Php620.

Old Vine Grille - Steak and Shrimp

Steak and Shrimp – Blackened steak top blade and shrimp barbecue. This one cost Php675. I am not a spicy-type of foodie but I can tolerate this one.

Old Vine Grille - Steak Tagalog

Steak Tagalog – Pan-seared US beef slices in soy-calamansi and onion sauce with potatoes and aubergine. This one is one of my favorite dishes and it costs Php495.

Old Vine Grille - Baby Back Ribs American Favorite Barbecue

Baby Back Ribs American Favorite Barbecue is served with potatoes and baked beans. I love baby back ribs and the best thing about their baby back ribs is that it’s tender and meaty unlike other baby back ribs that looks big but not meaty at all. I like baby back ribs that the meat actually fell off its bone. This one cost Php495.

Old Vine Grille - Lamb Shank Pinot Noir

Lamb Shank Pinot Noir – Marinated in red wine, grilled and braised, served with mashed potatoes, roasted shallots and garlic. I would have loved this one if only it didn’t taste too bitter because of the wine. I am not fond of bitter and spicy foods and too bad because I love lamb shanks. And the preparation was so yummy I actually drooled. This one prices Php550.

Old Vine Grille - Baked Creamy Dory

Baked Creamy Dory is worth Php450. It is served with mushroom duxelles in tomato garlic coulis and angel hair pesto. This one I didn’t get to try because after I took pictures of it, it disappears already. Hahahaha.

Old Vine Grille - Old Vine Pasta

Old Vine Pasta – Fettuccine tossed in mild spicy vegetable pangritata with prawns. Can be served in Php420 or Php285. I passed on this one because I am not a fan of spicy food but I did ate some prawns because I love it!

Old Vine Grille - Beef Salpicao Fried Rice

Old Vine Grille - Stir-Fried Seafood Paella

Other food I didn’t tried were Beef Salpicao Fried Rice (Php395/Php230) and Stir-Fried Seafood Paella (Php430/Php230). I didn’t eat it not because I don’t like it but because I don’t eat rice. But if I do, I would surely eat this up because the aroma is so good and the serving is enough to make me full.

Old Vine Grille - Banana-Langka Crepe Samurai

Old Vine Grille - Ube Cheesecake Fondue

Old Vine Grille - Belgian Chocolate Fondue

For our desserts, we were served some Belgian Chocolate Fondue (Php350), Ube Cheesecake Brulee (Php130) and Banana-Langka Crepe Samurai (Php120). From those three, I enjoyed much the Belgian Chocolate Fondue because it was fun creating your own dessert. We dip in Belgian chocolate some marshmallows, apples and pineapples.

I would also like to suggest their fruit shakes especially the pineapple shake because it is so good I finished three (3) glasses of it! Yum!

Over-all, our dining experience was fun. Fun because it was shared with good people I know. Old Vine Grille offers value-for-money dining with excellent ambiance, efficient service and to top it all, great steaks and salads at a very affordable prizes.

That is why, I am not surprised that some celebrities like Claudine Barretto, Amy Austria, Tessie Tomas, Jacklyn Jose and couple Christopher Roxas and Gladys Reyes are frequent customer of Old Vine Grille.

Old Vine Grille - Gladys Reyes, Christopher Roxas

And that night, we also happen to bump with Gladys and Christopher who confessed their love for Tessie Tomas Salad. I know this one is no longer connected to my food review but I wanted to express my admiration for the Gladys and Christpher because they were really nice to us that night. Unlike other snub celebrities, they gamely posed with us and even share some of their favorite dishes at Old Vine Grille. And as if we are close, they even approached us to bid goodbye to think that our table is far from theirs. That simple gesture is something I will forever cherish. They are such sweet couple and down-to-earth which is unusual for celebrities like them.

Back to Old Vine Grille, if you plan to dine here and enjoy their awesome food, it is best that you do your reservation first because this place has the tendency to be packed from 6:00pm onwards. Although they also serve lunch, the waiter suggests that 3:00pm-5:00pm is the most ideal time if you want an intimate dining. Would also like to add that their servers are efficient and serves fast.

Old Vine Grille opens 11am-11pm on Mondays-Thursdays, 11am-12mn on Fridays-Saturdays amd 10am-11pm on Sundays. For reservations, please contact (02) 706-5573 at Level 1, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Libis, or at (02) 836-4966 at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

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