Introducing Enercal Plus – The New Adult Nutritional Supplement For The Plus Achievers!

Everybody thinks blogging is all about fun and freebies. Although it is partly true, it’s also not an easy task to do. Our “job” requires a lot of time (24/7) and hard work because in a world that is fast-paced and full of demands and stress, we sometimes skipped meals or over-ate because of a lot of food events (most high-fat diets) we covered and late nights blogging and beating deadlines (I for one sometimes sleep around 5am just to update my website), not to mention, the competition of getting the best blog posted. It is sometimes about hits and page ranks that most Bloggers get obsessed with.

Although I am aware that it is, in fact, hazardous to my health and sometimes hampers my pursuit of passions as well as the ability to live life to the fullest but I can’t help it because this is my full time job already. And I do enjoy this lifestyle although I wish I can also have breaks every now and then.

That’s why when I get the chance to cover the media launch for a new adult nutritional supplement with its endorsers, celebrity Angel Aquino, Jet Pangan of The Dawn, and Paolo Bediones last October 13, I learned a lot from the discussion.

Here’s a short profile of how busy Angel Aquino, Jet Pangan and Paolo Bediones and why they are considered Plus Achievers:

Plus Achiever - Paolo Bediones
Paolo Bediones is a reality show host turned broadcast journalist.

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