Pizza Hut’s ‘Hot On The Dot’ Is Really HOT!

Pizza Hut - HOT on the DOT

Pizza Hut has once again revolutionized the food service industry with the launch of their new promo “HOT ON THE DOT” proving that they are indeed the world’s number one pizza chain.

Pizza Hut has definitely made the art of creating great tasting pizza their master piece, as well as their other signature products. Their mouth-watering pan pizza has definitely made a mark on pop culture, creating a direct connection to Pizza Hut once you think about pizza. In the Philippines, Pizza Hut has been the preferred pizza restaurant for the last 27 years consumers.

After establishing the first delivery service in the Philippines in 1989, Pizza Hut has never looked back and has continued to pave new ways to improve on their services. In a statement by VP for Marketing, Ms. Elaine Guzman, she said that “Pizza Hut was the first to offer food delivery in the Philippines in 1989. After a year of initiating our delivery service, we were forced to expand further because of the demand of our customers. Even after other food establishments offered delivery, we still acquired the highest delivery volume in 1991. And as the years went by, we continued to improve our service from our launching of the 911-1111 delivery hotline in 1997 to the Hot and On Time delivery in 2004”.

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