I’m Floating With The New Jollibee Chocolate Float!

I used to be a soda drinker and loved the concept of putting ice cream on my Coke. But when I was diagnosed of being acidic, I immediately stopped drinking softdrinks. And for almost 12 years now, I didn’t dare drinking sodas as it triggers more acid to my stomach.

That is why when Coke Floats and the likes were introduced in some food chain, particularly at Jollibee, I hated it. Hate it because I can’t try it. Although they released other flavors like Jollibee Watermelon Sprite Float and the Jollibee University Floats, I am not a fan of fruit-flavored sodas as well.

But I guess Jollibee has finally realized that not all their customers drink sodas. (For the longest time, all I’ve been ordering there is their hot chocolate and pineapple juice.) And I am very happy that they have launched something I know I will be addicted for a long time. It actually comes in two new float flavors: Chocolate and Coffee. But since I am not a coffee person as well, I immediately tried Jollibee Chocolate Float. Kudos to whoever thought of this concept! I just couldn’t thank you enough!

I am a certified chocoholic and this is actually the best Float I have ever tasted! Although I would have preferred this one ice blended, it’s still taste great because it has the right amount of sweetness for me, and it comes with my favorite ‘sundae‘ ice cream with chocolate syrup! It may be a bit pricey for Php 45.00, but sorry, I will order this over and over if I can. Thank God we have two Jollibee stores in Alabang, so I can still order my new favorite drink even if I missed it while I am too busy covering events.

Actually, since day 1 that I have tried the Jollibee Chocolate Frost, I think I have ordered at least 6 cups already (and that’s like for 3 days only)! And whenever I order my favorite Jollibee meal (palabok with Jollibee Chicken Joy (thigh or leg part only!) or plain cheeseburger meal), I only add Php 25.00 to convert my regular drink to Jollibee Float! At least I have an alternative from my usual pineapple drink. And just how addicted I am with the new Jollibee Chocolate Float? I even order sundae twirl to add it up on my Jollibee Chocolate Float! More ice cream floats, more happiness! :-D

And now that summer gets hotter and hotter each day, nothing beats having a Jollibee Chocolate Float. It doesn’t just give me a cool feeling but it is actually pure chocolate bliss for me!

And while blogging this, I’m almost done with my 2nd cup of Jollibee Chocolate Floats! Try it and I am sure you will love it too.

Don’t just walk on sunshine… get a lift too! :-)

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