Chef Sharwin Tee Turns Filipino Street Food with A New Twist on “Curiosity Got the Chef”

Chef Sharwin Tee

A sprinkling of new ingredients, a few twists, and an unexpected dose of gourmet flair care of the ever-curious Chef Sharwin Tee turns some of the Philippines’ favorite street treats into a feast extraordinaire—as the country’s hot off the pot low-brow grub gets a makeover on Curiosity Got the Chef this Wednesday (September 11).

Ube Ice Scramble

Ube Ice Scramble

Banana Cue Gratin

Banana Cue Gratin

Devil's Tok

Devil’s Tok

Binatog Fritters

Binatog Fritters

Featuring dishes such as Devil’s Tok, Banana Cue Gratin, Ube Ice Cream Scramble, and Binatog Fritters, Chef Sharwin brings what’s on almost every street corner into his own kitchen and adds his signature quirky spin to dish out a feast fit for foodies of all sorts.

Don’t miss out these brand new street concoctions on “Curiosity Got the Chef” this Wednesday (September 11) at 9:30 p.m. on the Lifestyle Network.

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