Movie Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful” is a 3D fantasy adventure presented by Disney about the inhabitants of the Land of Oz led by the supposed origins of L. Frank Baum’s character – the Wizard of Oz.

Oscar Diggs, known as Oz and played by James Franco, wanted more in life. He wanted to become a great man utlizing, his charm and skills in magic on the road to greatness. When he found himself in the magical Land of Oz, Oscar struggled supporting his act as a con man lured by gold and riches. In the end, he had to choose between performing his biggest magical act or something more important.

We watched the movie a few days ago at the film’s opening day (March 7) here in the Philippines and we were given a fantastical treat for the eyes in the Land of Oz made more engaging in 3D. Even before the story went into the land of Oz, the cinematography is already amazing.

Furthermore into the story, the struggling ‘Wizard of Oz’ was helped by Glinda, a good witch and played by Michelle Williams, to discover the goodness within himself. And with a supportive and friendly monkey assistant known as Finley, Oz chose goodness over greatness.

Directed by Sam Raimi, the movie also features Zach Braff as Frank (Oz’s friend), Mila Kunis as Theodora (the beautiful, naïve witch), Rachel Weisz as Evanora (witch of Emerald City), and Michelle Williams as Glinda (witch of the south).

“Oz The Great and Powerful” is already showing in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and theaters nationwideas distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures. It makes a great family movie for this weekend while touching the heart and reminding us of the more important things in this life.



Movie Review by blogger Jonel Uy of BloggerManila

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