Vote #TattOrangeMag For ‘Blogger Phenom of The Year’ at #TattAwards2013


The most influential blogger that shaped opinion, moved people, and ultimately starting fire in Philippine blogging community. This person is ahead of the pack in terms of online popularity and blog content. S/he may come from any background and engage on any blog platform (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.).

Yes, you heard it right. Orange Magazine TV is nominated at this year’s Tatt Awards. And guess what? For “Blogger Phenom of the Year” category. BIG WORDS. I know. But I am also surprised with my nomination. And though this may raise eyebrows from my favorite critics, I still feel honored being included to the 14 social media finalists, or as what Tatt Awards says, movers and shakers in the local online community.

If I will be asked if Orange Magazine TV deserve this nomination, I’d like to say yes. Because whatever the Tatt councils saw on our website, I felt we did something right in delivering the news, entertain our readers, and for being a responsible online magazine. Does Orange Magazine TV deserves to win? It depends on the 10% online voting and the Tatt councils. We consider being nominated as a blessing. And to be nominated alongside Professional Heckler, Jenni Epperson,, and Fab After 40, is an honor for us already. Personally, I am a big fan of Professional Heckler. And being mentioned in his blog — though he only referred to Orange Magazine TV as an entertainment blog and not a Lifestyle website that we wanted to be known — it still feels nice. He is one of the few bloggers that I want to meet (aside from my fellow nominees), and hopefully, to be included in Orange Magazine TV‘s future feature stories.

For the three years of hard work we did, trying to make a name and proper place in the online community, Orange Magazine TV finally got the recognition it deserves. Although we are not really expecting to be nominated, this Tatt Awards nomination gave us the power drive to work even harder and to improve more to make us really deserving as a Tatt Awards finalist.

And this also serves as an excuse to thank everyone who supported Orange Magazine TV since July 2010. This nomination, is a great birthday gift to us as we celebrate our 3rd year this July. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Orange Magazine TV‘s success. Thank you to all our readers, our followers on Twitters and subscribers on Facebook.

If you think we can give this nomination a good fight, please do vote for #TattOrangeMag here. Voting is allowed every hour until June 30, 2013.

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