Solon to The Stars Runs for Senate Seat

Dubbed as lawyer to local celebrities, few know who Atty. Lorna Patajo-Kapunan is behind the limelight and controversies surrounding her almost 40 years of legal practice. A caring mother to five sons, as well as a proud grandma to three grandsons from them, she also finds time to take care of nine dogs in their home.

To describe her as studious is an understatement. A quick glance at her vitae suggests that not only has she learned from prestigious educational institutions here and abroad, but has strived to connect with the communities around it as well. Her career spans over four decades and involves both corporate and civic-philantrophic work.

An impassioned gender equality & children’s rights advocate, Atty. Kapunan specializes in family law. With awards and accolades as a legal expert, she has served as a lecturer and consultant for international research groups. Her advocacy work covers humanitarian and environmental concerns. When not writing legalese, she ventures into creative writing as well, having contributed essays to local publications in relation to her advocacies.

A champion of nationalism, her senatorial bid was recently endorsed by the Poe-Escudero tandem, which in turn is endorsed by the nationalist and progressive Makabayan bloc.

Given the chance, Atty. Kapunan says that she will advance an amendment of the Family Code to also recognize men as victims of domestic abuse. She fervently supports the divorce bill and the anti-discrimination bill, having handled numerous cases in relation to this. She believes that everyone deserves to be respected regardless of their preferred sexual orientation and chosen gender identity. Atty. Kapunan said that she will run under the Aksyon party, once headed by the late former senator Raul Roco.

Atty. Kapunan embodies the meaning of hope. Her dreams for our nation is summarized in her platform of H.O.P.E. This is where H- honest government (reforms in the justice system) and health services, O- opportunity for all (the protection of legal rights of marginalized sectors i.e. women, children, workers, senior citizens, PWD, OFW, youth, veterans, and indigineous peoples, P- for peace, productivity, and prosperity (peace in Mindanao and industrialization), and E- education, employment, as well environment and climate change are met together and prioritized in her willingness to accept legislative responsibilities for the people.

While unpopular, Atty. Kapunan believes that her bid is one full of hope, saying in jest that she is the “ticket of hope, and if you don’t buy that ticket of hope, ‘wag po tayong magalit (let’s not get upset),” referring to the electoral process as a metaphorical lottery, where chance and luck sometimes favors those who dare.

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