[REVIEW] I purchased my Singlife insurance policy in less than 5 minutes thru GCash

Nowadays I often find myself thinking of what the future holds for me. I live alone so you can just imagine how the silence of it all has got my brain working overtime, especially with all the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. If there’s one thing this health crisis has taught me, it’s to not be complacent and to always be ready. Since I’m not getting any younger, you can bet my biggest concern is how I can keep myself in tip-top condition, so I don’t get sick and end up having to spend thousands on hospital bills!

Interestingly, I was recently introduced to Cash for Dengue Costs, a product of digital life insurer Singlife and e-wallet GCash that protects its policy holders from unforeseen medical costs due to mild to severe cases of dengue and—get this!—COVID-19. I admit, I was never a fan of health insurance or any kind of insurance for that matter since I find them too expensive to maintain, but this one’s different.

It has multi-level benefits which includes allowance for testing, confinement, and medical cost reimbursement for more serious cases. What’s also nice about it is that it can be customized to fit what I think I would need in the future and also what I can afford now. Plus, an option to cover only myself (Individual Plan) or to include my extended family (Family Plan).

Here’s a comprehensive benefits table if you want to see the different premiums and coverage levels that come with this insurance product:

It’s true what I read about Cash for Dengue Costs – that it is both easy on the budget and generous on coverage. For as low as Php 700.00 per year, you can get coverage of up to Php 421,500.00. It also comes with a free COVID-19 rider BUT only for the first 10,000 customers. (You know what to do after this!)

Applying for Cash for Dengue Costs will take you less than 5 minutes if you have stable internet connection. To purchase, all you need to do as a verified GCash user between 18 to 54 years old is to click on GInsure found on your GCash dashboard, click Cash for Dengue Costs, go through the very simple application process, pay the premium using your GCash wallet, and you’re done!

Since I’m not married, I chose the Gold coverage individual plan and it only cost me PhP 700.00! This is per year, by the way. Still, that’s pretty cheap considering the benefits. You also don’t have to worry about missing payment deadlines since GCash will automatically renew your Cash for Dengue Costs coverage and deduct the same premium on the next due date. Convenient, right?

Speaking of convenience, everything related to claiming of benefits will be done using the app too, including submission of supporting documents and payouts. You just have to wait for 15 days from your date of purchase before you can file your first claim.

For Dengue or COVID-19 test allowance claims, the benefit will be paid out within 24 hours to your GCash wallet or to your nominated bank account. Other benefits will require thorough review but once approved, payment will be issued within three (3) banking days.

It’s also commendable for Singlife and GCash to lay down what isn’t part of their coverage from the get-go. While it is mainly for transparency, it also creates awareness of how you should go about your policy prior to getting one. Check out Cash for Dengue Costs on your GCash app now!

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