Three modern aguinaldo hacks for ninongs and ninangs this Christmas

It’s confirmed—we’ll have to skip the big reunions with the extended family and our friends this Christmas. We’ll have to stay home so we can enjoy more holidays in the years to come. But even though we can’t celebrate in a big way, it doesn’t mean we can’t send our love to our inaanaks!

The internet’s made it a lot easier to give gifts without actually handing them over yourself. You should know, you’ve probably done a lot of online shopping and deliveries this year just because they’re so convenient. A platform like PayMaya goes a long way in sending the aguinaldo, because it makes the whole thing fast, easy, and most of all, safe.

Here are three hacks I’ve discovered to not miss out on giving your aguinaldo digitally this Christmas with the help of PayMaya.

Buy a gift they’ve always wanted online
Be honest—like me, you’ve done a lot of online shopping this year, so this should be super easy for you. But did you know that you could also make it rewarding for yourself? Shop online for a thoughtful gift, then use your PayMaya virtual or physical card, PayMaya mobile number, or even #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR to pay for it and get exclusive deals, on top of an added convenience! Not only is it super easy to check off a wishlist when I shop online, but it’s also a great holiday deal!

Send them the food they’re craving
Who doesn’t love a good meal, especially if it’s your favorite food? Log on to your favorite food delivery service and send them the dishes from the places they love—even if it’s my go-to comfort fastfood! (It’s the thought that counts, right?) You can also use your PayMaya mobile number to pay for meals from your favorite restaurants like Frankies, Ooma, or Army Navy and get up to 100% Balik Bayad!

Digitally transfer aguinaldo money
Maybe you don’t want to think about whether you should shop or send food to your inaanaks. After all, it’s a lot easier for everyone if they decide what they get on their own, right? You can work smart instead of hard by giving them the aguinaldo money they really want! Super simple and it keeps everybody happy. PayMaya makes sending money really easy, letting you transfer to another PayMaya account or a bank account in a few taps!

The awesomeness of paying with PayMaya also doesn’t stop there! Every time you use PayMaya to pay for shopping online and in stores whether via PayMaya QR, your PayMaya mobile number, or via PayMaya’s in-app shop, you get a raffle entry for their PayMayaguinaldo raffle. They’re giving away up to P1 million until January! If you don’t have a PayMaya account yet, it’s not too late to download the app using this link.


Now that you know how to give your aguinaldos easily and safely this Christmas, go on and spread the love! Let’s make everyone happy as we look forward to a new year! Happy holidays, everyone!

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