EJay Falcon’s “Dugong Buhay” To Premiere on TFC Worldwide

The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) newest action-drama series Dugong Buhay will excite television viewing worldwide when it premieres on Monday, April 8 (April 9 in Australia, Guam and New Zealand) with a talented ensemble comprised of some of the country’s finest actors such as Nonie Buencamino, Sunshine Cruz, Christian Vasquez, Arjo Atayde, and Ejay Falcon.

The much-awaited action-drama series will surely keep TV viewers glued to their TV screens with its grand preparation – from concept development; film-like execution; to the breath-taking scenes that will make a mark in hearts of Filipinos.

Even the whole cast of TFC’s newest teleserye are all excited to see the series launch and to be a part of Dugong Buhay.  For young actor Ejay Falcon, Dugong Buhay is a dream come true especially since it is the first teleserye where he will play the lead role.  “I have always wanted to do an action-drama series that is why I’m very grateful that my wish has been granted.”

Kapamilya actress Sunshine Cruz is very excited to be back on TV and to play a passionate character, Isabel de Lara, wife of the scion (played by Christian Vasquez) of a haciendero (land owner). “I am very thankful to ABS-CBN and TFC for the trust that they have given me for this kind of project. I am very thrilled and at the same time very nervous about the outcome of my performance.”

According to Carlo J. Caparas, the TV remake of Dugong Buhay is a special project for him because it is his tribute for workers who were mistreated by their landlords. “The TV remake of Dugong Buhay is a beautiful creation that resulted from preparation, hard work and remarkable creative talent of the people behind it.”

For director Toto Natividad, having the opportunity to direct Caparas’ masterpiece is a huge honor for him. “This is a big challenge for me because this is not only about battles and action. Dugong Buhay is a tension-filled drama series with a lot of heart,” he said.

Dugong Buhay will feature the lifetime search for vengeance of a hacienda worker named Simon against the cruelty of the De Larafamily. Because of his burning hatred since childhood, Simon is going to use his own son Victor (Ejay Falcon) to destroy the people who maltreated his family.

According to Nonie Buencamino who will portray the role of Simon, “TV viewers will be able to relate with this series because it is about everyone’s capacity to forgive.”

Aside from Ejay, Sunshine and Nonie, the newest TFC action-drama series will feature a powerhouse cast composed of Pen Medina, Ana Capri, Lito Pimentel, Ketchup Eusebio, Yam Concepcion, Jed Montero, and Ronnie Quizon, with the special participation of Carlo Aquino, Ahron Villena, and Yen Santos.

Dugong Buhay is under the direction of Toto Natividad and Mikey del RosarioDugong Buhaycreated by the same team behind the hit drama series Be Careful With My Heart, is another well-crafted material that will surely fire-up the viewing habit of viewers worldwide.

Catch Dugong Buhay on TFC worldwide starting Monday, April 8 (April 9 in Australia, Guam and New Zealand).  Watch it as it streams live on www.tfc.tv/livespecials.

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