Celebrating Multi-Cultural Influences Of Music With ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival

Granted, most young people’s playlists are populated with modern music picks. We have to admit, however, that nothing beats culturally-rich ethnic music.

A group of musicians from Malaysia has made this especially evident as they serenaded the school with unique musical styles during their presentation at the Angono National High School on Wednesday.

Photo 1: Malaysian musicians showcasing their talents with ethnic musical instruments.

This is only one of the several performances showcased as part of the ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival, an event advocating the integration of both classic and contemporary ways of traditional ethnic music among the youth.

The affair, which has been made possible through a partnership between the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and Seoul Music Group, aims to bring the best flutists across the southeast Asian region to revel ‘traditions across cultures.’

Aside from providing heartstrings-tugging sounds of their culture, the Malaysian artists familiarized both students and teachers with their instruments. For one, they have introduced a small Malay flute made of bamboo called “Seruling.”

Photo 2: Musician Firlany Malik teaching students about “Saruling.”

They have also engaged the audiences to participate in doing the traditional dances of their country. Suffice it to say that the program has been both educational and entertaining for everyone.

Photo 3: The group got volunteers from the students of Angono National High School and the delegates of Thailand, Myanmar, and Lao PDR to do a traditional ethnic dance from Malaysia.

Since November 28 (Tuesday), the multi-ethnic celebration has spanned several performances in the Philippines. Past acts include venues from Bulacan and Pampanga.

Photo 4: Students and faculty members of Angono National High School smiling for the camera with the ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival participants.

With the musical direction of national artist Dr. Ramon P. Santos, the groups will conclude the Philippine leg of the ASEAN-KOREA Flute Festival with grand performances at RCBC Plaza on December 1 (Friday) and Luneta National Park on December 2 (Saturday).

To know more, visit the event page here.

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