Excite Your Kids With Bento Box Lunches With Fresh Options

One of the biggest challenges every mom faces once the school year rolls in is figuring out what to pack into the kids’ lunchbox or baon. Although every mother wants to prepare a healthy and hearty baon, the truth of the matter is, their school-aged children hardly touch their vegetables, fruits or healthy dishes when they’re away at school. Picky eaters, in particular, find ways to eat around their baon by choosing only the tidbits they think are tasty enough for them.

So how can make sure that your kids will eat the nutritious meal you packed for them? Based on one mom’s experience, the answer to this is to make it kid-friendly. In other words: eye-catching, engaging and delicious. This can be achieved by applying the time-honored food preparation technique of the Japanese – the bento box.

Creating a bento meal for kids is easy as long as you have the right ingredients, like Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie line, and a playful mindset. Bento meal designs need not be complex as long as they’re interesting enough to entice your child to explore and finish each segment of their meal.

Fresh Options’ Kiddie Goodie food line is a perfect complement to bento baons. These include varieties of hotdogs, patties and breaded products such as chicken nuggets, drumettes, chicken pops and breaded pork patties. Kiddie Goodie products are easy to cook, easy to handle (when putting inside the bento) and delicious. Available in all Fresh Options stores in Luzon, they are every mom’s go-to solution for kid-approved bento baons.

Try your hand at preparing a bento baon for your kid with these kiddie-approved recipes created by Noob cookery’s bento aficionado Diane Gabriel, which she served and were enjoyed by her two kids. Use Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie line to make it easier for you (and yummier for the kids) to prepare each lunchbox. Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie line is available at all Fresh Options stores in Luzon.

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