Join Friend Code Program Today, the ultimate leisure provider for travelers in the Philippines, offers an easy way for you to earn up to 65% referral fees from your friends’ hotel and tour bookings! Their recently-launchedFriend Code Program, formerly known as the Affiliate Program, has expanded and made even better as it now becomes open not just for bloggers and Facebook page owners, but for everyone!

Earn extra cash through your referrals

You don’t have to be a blogger, influencer or even a frequent traveler to benefit from thisreferral platform. All you need to have are friends and the drive to earn extra to make the most of Friend Code Program. It’s free, easy, and most importantly, it pays!

Free Registration

Signing up is easy! You can get your Friend Code in just one minute! Just visit, click sign up, fill up and submit the online application form. You’ll, then, be redirected to the Friend Code Dashboard to access your account.

Highest Referral Fees

When you become a Friend Code partner, you can earn referral fees of up to 65% the highest referral fee among all the affiliate programs in the e-commerce industry.

High Earning Potential

At Friend Code program, every booking counts as a legible way to earn referral fees! Every Friend Code Partner can now earn referral fees not just with hotel bookings but also with successful bookings for activities and tour plans.

Lowest Withdrawal Amount Requirement pays you for every successful referred transaction. Once you reach the minimum amount of PHP 500, you can already withdraw your earnings through bank transfer or chequepayment.

Secure and Immediate Cashout

All transactions are tracked. In just seven (7) short days, you’ll be able to get and enjoy your instant referral fees!

Sign Up, Share, and Earn

Start your Friend Code journey by following these easy steps:

1. Sign up as a Friend Code partner

Register a valid e-mail address at Once you’ve been approved as a Friend Code partner, you’ll get your unique 4-digit Friend Code.

2. Share your 4-digit code with your friends

Ask your friends to enter your Friend Code in the payment section every time they book their hotel and tour reservations at are tutorial videos available in your Friend Code Dashboard to help you effectively promote your code.

3. Get cashbacks on your own bookings.

You may also use your Friend Code when booking your own tour, activities and hotel accommodations. Just enter your Friend Code at the payment section before completing the booking process.

4. Earn extra cash

The more you promote, the more you earn. With over 3,300 hotels and 1200 tour services nationwide listed at, you’ll never run out of leisure opportunities to advertise!

Everyone can have a Friend Code Friend Code Program aims to partner with people from different walks of life who want to use their influence to share with their own network.

College Students

Do you want to boost your savings, but have no idea how? Refer with your family and friends and instantly get additional cash for your funds.

Extra-Income Seekers

Whether you are a part-timer, a freelancer, or a work-from-home employee, you can get additional income easily by just encouraging your friends to use your Friend Code.

Travel Agents

Are you a tour facilitator or provider? Encourage your customers to book their accommodations at and earn with their successful bookings!

Social Media Mavens

Monetize your social media presence and promote using your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your followers. Your Snapchat and Viber might work well, too!


Add banners and links to your posts and automatically earn referral fees for every confirmed transaction booked on your website!


Get’s name out in the cyberworld through your tutorial and review vlogs! Share your Friend Code to your subscribers and earn big when they use it in their hotel bookings! encourages you to earn more and travel more! Be a Friend Code Partner today and earn extra cash. To know more about the Friend Code Program, please visit and sign up now!

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