Jean Tan Releases A Moving Music Video Via Umami Records

Singer-songwriter Jean Tan releases her latest music video on her single, “Hide Away”, via Umami Records.

Hide Away tells a personal story of Jean overcoming hardships in her life. The core directorial team of Jean Tan (Director), Mark Daws (Producer), Yu Qiushi (DOP) and Samuel Ruby (Video Editor) filmed Hide Away in California, with the awe-inspiring nature of The Golden State serving as a beatific backdrop against Jean’s expressive choreography.

The counterplay of darkness and light is brought out by clever interspersing of nature scenes in Hide Away, fleshing out ideas of struggle and overcoming in its visual poetry. Having had to deal with debilitating illnesses throughout her life, it is a theme that sits right at home with Jean’s Hideaway EP.

In any process of struggle or waiting, dark and light tend to intensify,” Jean says poignantly. “People always allude to the tale of two wolves when speaking about choices, and this becomes especially pertinent to the process of struggle: it’s often the one you feed more that wins.”

In the unforgiving, unending chatter of today’s social climate, the message of Hide Away certainly swims against the current, telling us there’s nothing wrong with slowing things down and coming to terms with one’s imperfections. It’s a much needed reminder that there is indeed solace to be found in solitude. “Somewhere in the journey, you also start to realise how both dark and light become key to helping you discover who you are,” Jean says.

The Hide Away music video is a compelling piece of self-expression that will surely leave viewers with something to reflect on.

Hide Away (MV) is now available here.

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