Style Shared By Generations

The established ladies of Philippine society and the young up-and-coming style icons can always meet and agree when it comes to timeless aesthetics. Indeed, those who are not locked onto the ideas of the past can freely sample the newest and best of the present, and their youthful counterparts can likewise benefit from the classics as these are improved and brought up to date. This is what Via Venetto has been doing for generations of women, and continues to do so with unwavering passion.

Via Venetto has been the brand of choice and the go-to label for generations, which is hardly surprising. It has leaned on the continuous improvement of the Marikina shoemaker’s skill and artistry, brought to the present millennium by constant innovation and a steadfast commitment to what is beautiful, fashionable, COMFORTABLE, DURABLE and sophisticated. Via Venetto, now led by Tsarina “Tsin” Pajaro-Inocian, an award-winning industrial designer, a graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, known for her work in shoes and jewelry, puts all of this together and takes them beyond the next level of elegance. She is now bringing her design expertise and has joined with the artful, highly skilled craftsmen of Marikina to present the public with nothing less than the best shoes in the market for the modern and powerful woman.

Via Venetto’s enduring presence in the market is due, in large part, to its constant ability to remain current, reaching for the future innovations in shoemaking, celebrating the present, all while honoring the classic and traditional. As a result, each and every pair presented with pride to the Filipina shoe lover is a testament to the union of artistry and reliability, of elegance and durability. This is the Via Venetto brand and it will continue to cater to even more to the true ladies of discriminating taste with an eye for uncompromising quality, distinction, and refinement.

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