Bamboo’s Solo CD “No Water, No Moon” Out Now Under Polyeast Records!


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BAMBOO MANALAC‘s much-anticipated solo album “No Water, No Moon” is now available in all record stores nationwide under Polyeast Records.

From one spin of the most anticipated album in OPM rock this year, “No Water, No Moon”, Bamboo Manalac’s first solo release under PolyEast Records is obvious that for him there would be life beyond his career as a frontman.

Teamed with the top players in the music industry, he presents his musical visions that go beyond his craft and said “Nothing’s changed. It’s the same pressure that I’ve always put on myself. Whether in a band or going out on my own, or whatever I do. Just wanting to push, claw and climb.”

In one way, Manalac is getting back to his jazz roots, and in another way he’s heading toward to what he’s known for-mainstream pop genre.

Featuring the first single “Questions,” Bamboo Manalac said “I felt this was a good intro to the album because it has a lot of colors and instrumentation that we have in the album in just one song. The song is personal but I thought it spoke of the human experience.”

1. In Shadow
2. Please
3. Morning Rose
4. Back On My Feet
5. Questions
6. Spin
7. In This Life
8. Down the Line
9. All Hail the Fool
10. The Only Way
11. Just Go

12. Ikot Ng Mundo

To celebrate its release, here are some high res photos from his debut album:

BAMBOO center foto
BAMBOO front foto
BAMBOO back foto
Not only that, we will also be extending our promo contest and will give away signed copies of Bamboo’s much-anticipated solo album and a Bamboo T-Shirt!

To join, simply leave a comment and tell us what you think of his first single and music video

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