Nikon Asia Presents Bright Lights and Big Cities’ “Through Asian Eyes” Online Campaign

Nikon - Through Asian Eyes

Nikon Asia‘s Through Asian Eyes campaign, in collaboration with Objectifs, has refreshed its site with a new photography collection titled ”Bright Lights and Big Cities“. This edition, the third in its Asian photography exhibition website “Through Asian Eyes”, explores works by photographers selected from Taiwan, India and the Philippines.

If one is to mention “Asian City”, our minds conjure up images of Neon billboards, busy street intersections and towering skyscrapers. Photographers in Nikon Asia’s 3rd exhibition present their own different viewpoints of the bright lights and big cities of their countries, giving us a glimpse into their life as seen “Through Asian Eyes“.

Nikon believes that “Through Asian Eyes” is a well needed platform to inspire young photographers, entry-level photographers as well as seasoned amateurs with living lessons and showcases of works by others, thus developing a vibrant photography scene amongst emerging photographers as well as promoting Asian contemporary photography.

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About the Works Featured

舞å‹-一瞬 (A moment in dance) by Chien-Yang Wang, Taiwan.

舞å‹-一瞬 (A moment in dance) by Chien-Yang Wang, Taiwan

Chien-Yang Wang‘s dance series offers us different insights into the Taiwanese contemporary performance scene, from pop culture to pieces rooted in tradition. His work plays with light and shadows to bring out the energy and femininity of the beautifully choreographed pieces.

Says Chien, “This series of images was made during the dance rehearsals or actual performances. In my work, I emphasise the poignant moments in the pieces, and use my camera to capture those specific emotions, beautiful moves and energy that take place in that instant. Photographing dancers and the works of choreographers means a lot to me. I like to use the play of light and shadows to add depth to my works. I hope that you will enjoy this series.”


From Delhi to Haridwar, by Manjari Sharma, India

From Delhi to Haridwar, by Manjari Sharma, India

Manjari Sharma, who is based in the US and India, explores Old Delhi with the eyes of a curious wanderer revisiting her homeland. Her portraits single out the fascinating personalities, from sadhus to shopkeepers. In her photo collection, she portrays Old Delhi as a strange town, which reeks of claustrophobic streets overrun with a few too many human beings, who seem intrigued by her presence as much as she is intrigued by them. She also features Haridwar, which literally translates to “Doorway to God”, as a place with a great sense of mystery to her.


“COLORPLAY”, by Parc Cruz, Philippines

Finally, Filipino Parc Cruz, shares the cinematic landscape of Manila, Dubai and other cities, relying on the form, lines, spaces and angles of architectural structures and cityscapes to speak to the audience. He notes that “Working best with people as a photographer, the challenge of shooting these subjects has taken me out of my comfort zone.”

He says that playing around with colours and tones gives the buildings and skyscrapers in his collection a character and dynamism, impressing its total feel, impact and outcome. Therefore, “Color play”, when correctly used in photos, intensifies or isolates the images and photographers with the right understanding of this can apply the concept in whatever subjects are before them.



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