Thank You Global Pinoy Campaign Welcomes The Homecoming Of Modern Day Heroes!

Thank You Global Pinoy

The modern day hero is nowhere near Andres Bonifacio or Jose Rizal. He does not carry a sword; nor does he wield a pen to rally a revolution. He is largely unknown and unacknowledged. But his sacrifice is no less valiant – after all he carries the dream of his family and a country’s economic security (17 billion USD in remittances and a 12% in GDP) on his shoulders.

So how do you say ‘thank you’ to a hero? How do you give back to the 11 million overseas Filipino workers who are sustaining our nation?

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas, Duty Free Philippines, Good News Pilipinas and Kraft Asia and Toblerone are stepping up to the challenge by announcing the opening of nominations for the first Thank You Global Pinoy Awards.

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The Thank You Global Pinoy Awards is an initiative that seeks to search for the most outstanding global Filipino workers who deserve the gratitude not only of their loved ones; but also of the nation as a whole. It is primarily led by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)-the government agency tasked to promote and uphold the interests of Filipino emigrants and permanent residents abroad and Toblerone as the key proponent of Thank You Day in 2007.

“We envision a community of well- respected and proudly competitive Filipinos overseas who contribute significantly to the productivity and well-being of the countries where they reside and work; while maintaining strong ties with the Philippines,” says Ms. Imelda Nicolas, CFO Chairperson. “And we believe that the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards, with its thrust to thank and give recognition to Global Pinoys, is a good way to achieve this.”

Duty Free Chief Operating Officer Mr. Lorenzo Formoso explains, “We have always been committed to satisfy the shopping needs of the international traveler in an efficient service environment showcasing the Filipino traits of warmth, hospitality and gratitude. We support the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards because it is a good channel to promote our intrinsic Filipino trait of showing appreciation.”

A purely below-the-line initiative, the

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