Meg Imperial Is “Menor de Edad”

Kapatid star Meg Imperial plays Jen Guilarman, a 3rd year high school student, leads a lonely, troubled existence in a tenement housing building in the upcoming indie-film “Menor de Edad“.

Brought up by her dysfunctional mom, Edna (Ara Mina) and her mom’s tomboy live-in partner, Jags (JC Parker), Jen experiences a hellish life from which she tries to escape.

In school, Jen catches the attention of her Pilipino teacher, Ariel Basco (played by Wendell Ramos), who is himself undergoing a difficult marriage. His wife, Laida (Chynna Ortaleza), has been in and out of the hospital, diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, and they are saddled with financial problems. A loner himself, Ariel Basco is sympathetic to the equally lonely Jen and their counseling sessions lead to a friendship that is misconstrued by others as more than just platonic. Jen, being the more vulnerable one, imagines herself in love with her teacher and fantasizes about him falling in love with her.

In order to experience a sense of belongingness, Jen becomes involved with a street, all-girl gang. Here she makes new friends and finds love and security in having some kind of a family that accepts her for what she is. When Jen is initiated into the girl gang, she has to undergo a sexual rite. She chooses to seduce Ariel to devirginize her. When Ariel rejects her advances, Jen is humiliated and runs away from him. A few minutes later, she is kidnapped by 3 members of a rival street gang and gang-raped.

The 3 guys threaten to kill her and her family if she goes to the police. She is forced to accuse instead, her teacher, Ariel Basco, of raping her. Ariel is arrested and brought to trial. He pleads with Jen to tell the court the truth – which he was not the perpetrator. Afraid of the threats made by the real rapists, will her conscience bother her for sending someone innocent to prison, or does justice find its way to setting them free?

Viva Films “Menor de Edad” is a Joel Lamangan directed adult drama that stars Meg Imperial, Ara Mina, Jaycee Parker, Chynna Ortaleza, and Wendell Ramos. Opens January 24, 2013.

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