Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador Team Up In “Give Love on Christmas” presents “The Gift of Life”

Real-life couple Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador will team up for the first time in the newest story of ABS-CBN’s Christmas TV special “Give Love on Christmas.” The second Kapamilya Christmas series titled “The Gift of Life” will start on Monday (December 22).

In the story, Gerald Anderson will give life to the character of Tristan, a young man who needs a kidney transplant because of an accident he had when he was still a kid. As he tries to find a possible donor, Tristan meets a young woman named Melissa (portrayed by Maja Salvador) who lost her faith in God after the death of her parents.

As their paths cross, Melissa and Tristan come up with a special agreement that she will help him fulfill his bucket list, which includes all the things he was not able to do because of his ailment.

How will Tristan and Melissa be able to change each other’s lives as they help one another regain the things they have lost—his chance to have a normal life and her faith in God? Will Melissa sacrifice herself just to give Tristan a new hope to live?

“Give Love on Christmas Presents The Gift of Life” also features Marlann Flores, Melissa Mendez, Ricardo Cepeda, Nico Antonio, Shey Bustamante, and Angel Sy. It is directed by Malu Sevilla.

“Give Love on Christmas” is composed of three stories that revolve around family, relationships, and love. These include Gerald and Maja’s “The Gift of Life,” Paulo Avelino and KC Concepcion’s “Exchange Gift,” and “The Gift Giver,” starring Eddie Garcia, Aiko Melendez, Dimples Romana, Carlo Aquino, and Louise Abuel, which will air its last episode this Friday (December 19).

It is a Christmas special produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television, the group that created top-rating TV masterpieces such as “Walang Hanggan,” “Ina Kapatid Anak,” “Juan dela Cruz,” and “Ikaw Lamang.”

Don’t miss the beginning of “Give Love on Christmas Presents The Gift of Life” this Monday, before “It’s Showtime” in ABS-CBN Prime-Tanghali. Viewers may also catch up on full episodes and past episodes of “Give Love On Christmas” through ABS-CBNmobile.

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