Make Everyday World Water Day with Tupperware Eco Bottle

Refresh, rehydrate, and do your share in protecting Mother Nature by using reusable containers like the Tupperware Eco Bottle. Tupperware Brands, the country’s leading direct selling company, joins the United Nations movement in celebrating World Water Day, a global initiative commemorated annually on March 22, to help conserve the world’s water resources, by promoting the use of these environment-friendly drinking containers.

World Water Day began in 1993, to promote clean water and this year, the advocacy highlights the link between “Water and Energy”. The celebration of this event reminds everyone to use water wisely, giving importance on the fact that even the smallest water-saving steps can make a world of difference.

Using reusable bottles does not only help make every drop of water count, it also lessens the junk of disposable containers that are harmful to the planet. Made of safe, non-toxic materials, the Tupperware Eco Bottles are tested and proven safe for reuse.

Apart from its environment-friendly qualities, the Tupperware Eco Bottle features a screw-on cap to prevent leaks and spills, and is also ergonomically shaped for easy grip. Available in 500ml, 750 ml, and 1L, these bottles come in wide selection of fun colors too. Latest offering includes 750ml in tangerine and spa blue that comes with a hole on the cap, ideal for personalizing your earth saving, water conserving bottle by hanging charms. You can bring the Tupperware Eco Bottle to your outdoor activities or slip them into your bag so you have drinking water, anytime, anywhere.

Tupperware Brands believes that every drop of water counts. Quench your thirst, refresh, and help save the planet.

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