The Latex Sculptures and Performances by Sasha Frolova For The First Time in Slovenia Art Stays Festival

From July 26 to September 1, Russian artist Sasha Frolova will be in Slovenia for the first time, during the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Arts Art Stays. She will present her large inflatable latex sculptures and will perform in the Aquaaerobika performance, a show featuring music, dance and color that brought her to travel to Venice, London, Hamburg and other cities in Europe.



Sasha Frolova was selected by the representatives of Art Stays at the 8th Arte Laguna Prize thanks to the partnership between the two institutions, which was started six years ago. The Slovenia Art Stays Festival is one of the foremost summer events on the European agenda. It creates and sustains in the historic city of Ptuj a global dialogue between the contemporary arts by hosting artists from all over the world and by creating a rich program of performances, concerts, workshops, screenings and readings aimed at both adults and children.



The young Russian artist, born in 1984, was formed in the bustling contemporary art scene and at the “school” of Andrey Bartenev; her art-making points directly to the idea of eternal beauty, she always chooses a single material: latex or fabric, both for the creation of monumental inflatable sculptures, and for the construction of performances as well as more complex events, as in Aquaaerobika. Sasha opens to disparate influences ranging from the style of the pin-ups of the 50s to Japanese culture, to the cyberpunk world of the 60s; from electronic music to the virtual games of the 80s or more simply she plays with and relates to the childhood universe and erotic fetish. Through her work she investigates in lively color the identity of disguise and transgression with a strong playful intent.

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