Philips’ Launches “Healthy Choices, Delicious Results: Easy Recipes” by Nancy Lumen

As a testament to the power of homemade food, Philips has partnered with renowned food writer, critic, and media personality Nancy Reyes-Lumen for a new collection of recipes made especially for home chefs.

Entitled “Healthy Choices, Delicious Results: Easy Recipes by Nancy Lumen, the cookbook demonstrates how quick and easy preparing delicious and healthy home meals can be with the help of Philips Kitchen Appliances.

In the cookbook is a wide range of wholesome, healthy, delicious recipes personally prepared by Lumen. These include starters like Sushi Rice; entrées like Oil-less, Really Crispy Adobo Flakes; fixings like Lazy Girl’s Pad Thai; desserts like Queso de Bola Muffins; and drinks like Yakult-Strawberry Smoothie and Cucumber-Ginger-Mint Mojito.

“Nancy Lumen has a well-deserved reputation for being a terrific cook, food writer, and critic, as well as an advocate of good health through eating,” says RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Consumer Lifestyle at Philips Philippines. “For years, she’s helped home chefs take their cooking to the next level, all while promoting healthy, delicious home cuisine. Because our mission is to help people achieve a healthier and better life, teaming up with her thus makes perfect sense.”

“Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle sector is all about helping people live healthier and better lives, and a big part of that is being able to easily prepare nutritious homemade dishes for the family right,” he added.

Nancy Reyes-Lumen did a cooking demo with the help of Philips Kitchen Appliances.

Celebrity foodie Nancy Reyes-Lumen did a cooking demo with the help of Philips Kitchen Appliances.

Featured throughout the cookbook are Philips Kitchen Appliances that may be used in the preparation of the recipes, such as the Philips Food Processor, the Philips Digital Airfryer, and the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker, and the Philips Juicer, among others.

These appliances were also prominently featured in Nancy Lumen’s how-to web series that is now on YouTube, a collection of companion videos showcasing Nancy’s light and easy take on a number of family favorites ranging from pressure cooked meals and body-loving juices, to a healthier take on traditional favorites like lechon kawali.

At the launch of the cookbook, first-time cooks got to see for themselves how easy preparing delicious, nutritious food is with Philips Kitchen Appliances. “These appliances are so simple to use, a first-timer could pick them up and get great-tasting meals from the get-go,” says Reah Ronsayro, Business Development Manager for Philips Domestic Appliances.

As the world’s number one food processing, home cooking, and low fat frying brand according to international media monitoring company Euromonitor, these Kitchen Appliances make the preparation of the recipes a stress-free affair, as the major steps in preparing each can be accomplished using just one or two of these gadgets.

The Philips Food Processor for example is a versatile little machine that can be used for a wide variety of recipes, making short work of everything from cakes to gratin and salads with its diverse selection of inserts and attachments.

Meanwhile, the Philips Airfryer’s patented Rapid Air Technology lets home chefs prepare fried favorites with up to 80% less fat than conventional methods. In addition, the Philips Airfryer can be used for roasting, grilling, and baking.

Home chefs who want to get slow-cooked taste at a fast-food pace can turn to the Philips Electric Pressure Cooker, which features a highly efficient design that retains all the flavor and nutrients in food, while giving that right amount of tenderness that everyone loves.

The Philips’ Juicer on the other hand offers a compact extractor that guarantees maximum juice with minimum fuss, all in a safe, easy-to-use, child-friendly package.

“For Philips, technology has to be centered around meaningful human experience and the power of homemade food,” explains Buenaventura. “Instead of designing technology for technology’s sake, we always try to deliver experiences tied to the social and emotional needs of our customers. We want to help bring about those important human moments: a steaming cup of coffee in the morning, a post-workout smoothie between friends, or a hot, delicious meal at home with the kids after school. It is these moments that matter most after all.”

The cookbook will be given away as a free gift for customers who purchase P5,000 worth of Philips Home Living products starting August 1.

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