The Only Ribbon that Ties Families Closer During Christmas

The holiday season is the time to hang your Christmas ornaments and play your favorite holiday tunes when family and friends get together. But while you’re making your home more festive and exciting for the holiday season, receiving a box of treats is still perhaps one of the most anticipated activities.

What marks Christmas is the series of feasts that are meant to bring family and friends closer. And no meal is ever complete without a Red Ribbon product.

“Christmas may seem very merry with presents under the tree. However, this season is all about sharing, and nothing is more memorable than sharing special moments with people closest to you,” said Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon.

She added, “This is where Red Ribbon comes in while people may serve different types of food during family reunions, Red Ribbon never misses the dining table especially during the holidays as it brings the family closer.”

Now that Christmas is fast-approaching, Red Ribbon ensures that its wide range of delectable products will continue to delight families from the moment the box arrives at home up until it is served.

“Whenever there’s a red box on the table, people especially children can’t wait to see what’s inside. The temptation to take a peek at what’s inside is just too hard to resist,” Rivera said. “And when the ribbon is finally untied and the box is opened, you’ll see the sparkle in their eyes.”

Red Ribbon offers great-tasting breads, cakes, rolls, and pastries that never fail to delight Filipino families regardless of the occasion. For its top-of-the-line cakes, its commitment to serve just the right amount of sweetness, softness and chewiness in every bite helps individuals reminisce the sweetest moments they shared with their family.

Red Ribbon started in Quezon City in 1979, with the objective of offering great-tasting food that brings feelings of joy to every Filipino family. As it grows to be one of the leading bakeshops in the country, Red Ribbon takes part in the Filipino family’s everyday life especially during the holiday season.

Rivera concluded, “No gift is more elaborative than a family moment shared. This Christmas, may we all remember that the Yuletide season is the time for reuniting with our loved ones who do nothing less than give what’s best for us.”

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