TFC & Star Cinema Mark Firsts In Just The Three Of Us Screening Worldwide via [email protected]

TFC and Star Cinema score a triple milestone as they bring together John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado for the first time in “Just The Three Of Us,” an unlikely love story, screening in cinemas worldwide via [email protected] on the same week of its Philippine release.

For the first time, Star Cinema, brings three box office royalties in one movie Blockbuster Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, John Lloyd and Jennylyn in this modern day romantic comedy (romcom).

Cathy Garcia Molina, is the director behind the highly successful movie hits such as the iconic “One More Chance” and sequel “A Second Chance,” also starring John Lloyd and perennial love team Bea Alonzo.

Jennlyn Mercado, Director Cathy Garcia-Molina, and John Lloyd Cruz

Paanyaya ni direk Cathy,“Iniimbitahin po namin kayong i-try ang bagong putahe na ito na ino-offer namin sa inyo.  We have made a lot of rom coms before but I think this one is different. There is something more than just rom com in this movie. I hope you watch it so you know what we’re talking about.”

John Lloyd on the otherhand is currently the title-holder of the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation Phenomenal Star for 2015 because of the record-breaking results of his movie “A Second Chance.”  He is also one of his generation’s most acclaimed actors.

While this is the nth time Direk Cathy and John Lloyd are collaborating, it is fellow box office icon Jennylyn’s first movie under Star Cinema.

John Lloyd shares: “I have been dying to work with Jennylyn.  Sapanahonngayon, posiblengmangyariiyonghindi kayo galingsaiisangistasyonperomerong opportunity para magkatrabaho kayo.  Mas magandaiyonhindilang para saartista kung hindi para saindustriya.”

Jennylyn herself is a box office royalty herself as she has won back-to-back awards at the 2014 MMFF for “English Only Please” and “Walang Forever,” also box office hits.  She was also hailed for being part of the Breakthrough Box Office Indie Film in the 2015 Box Office Awards.

Jennylyn says she looked forward to working with Direk Cathy, John Lloyd and the team and could not think of any reason not to accept the film. “Ang ganda ng group, ang galing ng director, ang galing ng movie.  Ang galing ng actor na si John Lloyd.  Fan ako ng lahat ng Cathy Garcia Molina at John Lloyd movies. Ito ang tinatawag nilang dream team. Lahat sila maalaga.  I feel so blessed to be part of this movie,” Jennylyn says.

Together, they tell the story of Uno (John Lloyd) and CJ (Mercado) who are complete strangers and opposites thrown into a situation that brings them together, albeit, forcibly.They are both equipped to handle their jobs as airline employees. Uno is an organized pilot who plans his life and can be considered successful.  However, he only comes home to an empty nest.  Meanwhile, being a flight stewardess is CJ’s dream so while she is a ground crew, she puts her heart to it to go beyond her current job.  What happens next is not entirely part of Uno’s plans neither of CJ’s dreams.

“Just The Three of Us” will be screened on May 4 in the Philippines, May 5 in the Gulf region; May 6 in Papua New Guinea, USA, Canada and Saipan; May 7 and 8 in Europe; May 8 in Malaysia with John Lloyd Cruz; May 12 in Australia and New Zealand; and May 14 and 15 in Singapore.

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