“My Dearest Intruder” Premieres In Kapamilya Gold

Who is the real intruder when it comes to love the one who said “I do” or the one who got away?

ABS-CBN, the first and true home of Asianovelas, heats up afternoon viewing as it tells the tale of two women who will fight for a man who loves both of them at different circumstances in “My Dearest Intruder,” premiering this Monday (September 25).

High school best friends Sharlene (Aggie Hsieh) and Ria (Amber An) are so close that nothing can ever come between their friendship. That is until they fall for the same man – Ria’s childhood friend, Ivan (Melvin Sia).

Ria has been madly in love with Ivan ever since she can remember, but he however, has his eyes set on Sharlene. To protect their friendship, Sharlene decides to leave and gives way to Ria.

This breaks Ivan’s heart, but Ria stands by his side and helps him mend it. Eventually, the two get married and start a life together.

After ten years, their paths once again intertwine. This time, Sharlene is ready to fight for Ivan and wants to reclaim what she thinks truly belongs to her.

Will Sharlene be able to win Ivan back? Does Ivan still has feelings for Sharlene? How will Ria protect her marriage with Ivan?

Birit Queen Klarisse de Guzman adds color to the story of Sharlene, Ria, and Ivan as she sings “Wala Na Talaga,” the official theme song of the show.

Don’t miss the premiere of “My Dearest Intruder” after “The Promise of Forever” only on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold.

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